Go Josh!!

I was just reading Josh’s blog. He has started down the tough and sometimes lonely road of weight-loss. And it is full of pot-holes and detours and speed-traps. I know, because I’ve been there. I’m still on that road with him. And this last little hill of 10 pounds is taking forever to get up.

But then I have to look back at how far I’ve come and how hard I had to work to get there. When I made the decision to started out I weighed 289 pounds. I had a reached a peak weight of 295. I was scared of that 300 mark. My original goal was to get down to 225. I reached that. Since then I’ve revisited my goal and decided I can make it to 210. Right now my weight is hovering between 218 and 222. Monday (my weigh-in day) I was 221.2 pounds. I’m a tall guy, at 6’10” I can carry the weight and it looked so-so. I didn’t look fat, just heavy. I had a 42″ waist and I could not button the top button of my dress shirt with an 18″ collar. I now wear pants with a 36″ waist and a 16″ collar. Now my clothes fit, I think I look better and I can run without feeling like I want to die! I’m in better shape than all but 2 girls on my daughter’s 6th grade basketball team that I practice with on Mondays.

Josh, keep up the good work. I know you will feel frustrated at times and feel like you want to quit. But stick with it! It’ll pay off in the long run!



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2 responses to “Go Josh!!

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help AND your encouragement.
    I just worked out and I’m headed to shower and bed. I’ll catch you around tomorrow 🙂

  2. Glad to hear it. Once you develop a routine you will find that you can get to bed and fall asleep in minutes. Since losing my weight I can go to bed at any time. And within 5 minutes of getting under the covers my eyes get heavy and I’m out.

    What’s cool is your journey is encouraging me to work a little hard to get rid of these last 10 pounds. I ran last night and I’m getting ready to hit the treadmill now for my morning run.

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