Winter weather blues

snowstorm.jpgI am beginning to hate this time of year. It warms up. It freezes. It rains. It snows. We have tornado warnings. We get 4 inches of snow. It warms up. The ground thaws and becomes mush then it refreezes. The it warms up and we get freezing rain and ice. I’m tired of it. I want it all to go away. If it’s going to be winter then it needs to be winter. Cold and snow from start to finish. The spring comes with cool weather and rain. Then summer with long hot days and cool nights with rain here and there. Then fall with cool days and chilly nights … consistency. i want predictable weather. Average weather. Weather you can count on.

It’s not really all that bad. I think I’m just so down about this weather because I can’t get out and run. It’s either 12 degrees and clear, or 36 degrees and raining, or 29 degrees and sleeting … can I get 29 degrees or warmer with clear skies and no precipitation? Shadow is going nuts with this crappy weather too. She’s got tons of energy and no place to burn it off. Our yard is such a mess right now from the thaw and rain and freezing that she can’t run on it with out problems. Or its raining … running on the streets is out. The salt on the road isn’t good for her pads, they dry out and crack. She won’t wear doggie running booties. I’m half tempted to teach her how to run on the treadmill. But it will void my warranty. Maybe I need to get her one of her own and we can run next to each other.

I’m just tired of having to be indoors. I want to feel sunshine and warmth on my face. I want good weather.

I was bitching about this at work and one of the guys there put it bluntly .. if you don’t like it move out of Ohio .. I’m thinking Tennessee … ๐Ÿ™‚



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2 responses to “Winter weather blues

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m so fed up with the weather here in Kansas too.
    It was almost 60 degrees earlier and then – ALL OF THE SUDDEN – the wind shifts and starts gusting over 40 MPH from the north and the temp drops to the 30’s. Now they said there’s freezing rain and snow headed our way.

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