I have a 16 year old daughter. She has no responsibilities other than to do well in school and keep her stuff cleaned up and keep her room clean. That’s it. Nothing else. Wife and I disagreed years ago on the chores issue. I lost that debate. As a result my children lack the skills it takes to keep things clean/neat/organized. And it has always frustrated me to the point of anger.I’ve asked my 16 year old to clean up her room for the last several days. And yet there are still empty soda cans in her room, wrappers from Ritz Bits snack bags (which by the way are only supposed to be used for lunches because I buy the big box for snacks at home and that burns me up as well) dirty clothes on the floor, clean clothes Wife brought up strewn across her dresser or desk or where ever my wife could find to put them.

Last night I went up to tell D1 good night and I walked in her room and was floored. Nothing I asked of her was done. And that’s when I felt it, the anger welled up, and I snapped. I didn’t say a word. Because it doesn’t matter. I could yell, scream, talk, whatever and it doesn’t matter. I walked up to her computer and took away her internet access. I pulled the USB wireless adapter off her PC, she has lost that forever. She gets online and spends too much time on myspace and a couple other sites. Yes, I know exactly where she goes and what she even types on her keyboard. I know all her passwords and all the websites she’s been too … I am nosy that way. My children think they are getting away with things. And every once in a while I reel them back in. And they always seem surprised ……



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4 responses to “Anger

  1. atticroses

    I’m back! =)

  2. didn’t know you were gone … well i did. i just like being a smart ass. you were missed. welcome back!

  3. Alicia

    Wow, you were calm. I would have been in full “mom rage.” That’s an awesome consequence. I’ll have to remember it when we get to that age.

  4. Can’t say I blame you for getting mad. I think you did the right thing.
    I would totally do something like that to my kids…and I’m sure I will some year.
    Including the whole keylogging/spy monitoring thing đŸ˜›

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