Exhausted …

As you know we’ve been working on our home. Wife and I have been busting butt. Every freakin day we put in at least three hours working on it. And it all boils down to tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the day the new carpet arrives and is installed. The big push was to get the painting and repairs done BEFORE the new carpet went down. Make as much a mess as you want on the old stuff … but don’t mess up the new stuff.

Which reminds me .. my resolution to not buy anything new this year went out the window with the renovations.  But I dipress …

My feet hurt. My knees hurt. My legs ache. My back aches. My shoulders are sore. My arms are bruised. My hands are sore and cut up and scraped up. My neck is stiff. And yet .. I still get up every morning, go to work, come home, change into “work clothes” and start it all over every afternoon and work until 10pm or 11pm every night. And I am spent.


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