Losing my sanity

Had I known what toll all this house remodeling would have on me I doubt I would have undertaken the efforts.

Since this project started:

  • I’ve only run 3 times … I used to run daily.
  • I’ve gotten 18 splinters
  • I’ve used 23 bandages
  • I’ve been burned 3 times
  • I’ve gotten cut 7 times
  • I’ve broken 1 piece of plate glass
  • I’ve had to move stuff from one storage locker to another because of of a leak and now have waterlogged items
  • I’ve not been to the YMCA since this started and have not lifted weights at all
  • I’ve not made time to read and study my Bible on a daily basis
  • I’ve not read any of my books
  • I’ve not slept well for 2 months
  • I miss my dog – she is staying with my in-laws while we finish up. She has a tendency to want to paint with us … and it’s messy …
  • I miss my wife and kids. They are staying at the in-laws as well since their rooms are torn up too …

I can’t tell you where 1/2 the things are in my house right now. If you asked to borrow a screwdriver I couldn’t tell you where to look to find one. The problem is too many hands. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate ALL the help my in-laws have given. Not just my mother-in-law and father-in-law … wife’s aunt and uncles have pitched in, my brother-in-law has helped … and it’s made things go soooooo much quicker. But when I finish with a tool I always return it to it’s place. Since we started I can’t find 1/2 my tools. I love the lack of clutter with everything moved to storage. But I hate the chaos created with things being out of place. Right now there is a mound of stuff in my garage. It needs to be sorted through and things need to be put away. But before that can happen I have to empty the garage and paint it. Then I can put it all back together. And I’ll have help.

But I am feeling lost. My domain … my kingdom .. my castle are not mine right now and I’m out of sorts. I need the control and security of my home. And right now I don’t feel like it’s mine. And it is wearing away my sanity.


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