Change is … good?

I keep telling myself that. I’m not buying it yet. There is a line in Rush’s Tom Sawyer “He knows changes aren’t permanent, but change is”. It’s so true. No change is permanent, but change is. I can go back through my house and change everything I’ve changed, yet just the fact that I’ve made and change … well you figure it out. I Think it’s pretty profound.

Things changed thus far:

  1. Wallpaper removed from MBR and bath
  2. Wallpaper removed from kitchen
  3. Wallpaper boarder removed from hallway and living room
  4. Old carpet remove and new put down
  5. Laminate floor put in kitchen
  6. Hot tub removed
  7. Concrete in driveway repaired
  8. MBR and bath painted
  9. Hallway and living room painted
  10. Kitchen painted
  11. Paneling in family room painted (yeah sounds weird but looks great!)
  12. Entry doors painted including trim and garage door
  13. New door handles throughout
  14. Kitchen cabinets painted
  15. Woodwork/trim painted in kitchen, living room and family room
  16. Deck power-washed and bleached.
  17. Insulation replaced in attic
  18. New light fixtures in kitchen and family room
  19. All new outlets and switches through the whole house
  20. All the window sills are painted
  21. All the caulk has been replaced
  22. New door sweeps installed as well as weather stripping replaced

So what is left on my list? Put the girls rooms back together. Empty the garage completely. Paint it. Power-wash the floor. Put my stuff back in it neatly and organized. Make the place puppy safe (all the paints and chemicals and tools and nails and anything else she can get hurt on cleaned up). We are in the home stretch. And I have to admit it has been worth the 2 months of chaos and change ….


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