I’d hate to be my trash man today

I cleaned my garage .. well .. most of it. I still have more work to do. But it’s getting there. I took 70% of the crap in there to the curb and 5% to storage. The last 25% still needs to be sorted through and either stays or goes. I wish I had thought about taking a picture of the mound. But it didn’t cross my mind until I was 1/2 way into work. I’m still not done, I just figured the trash guy wouldn’t take any more.

I’ve not been able to park 2 cars in my garage since I remodeled my main bathroom in 2005. It became a storage facility while I worked. And stuff never got cleaned up and put away. But now I can get both cars in.

I’m so inspired by the clean-less-cluttered “look” that I decided to repair the walls and ceiling and paint them. but I still need to finish cleaning it. I’ve got almost every out. What’s left can move the the middle of the garage while I paint. I already started painting the inside of the garage door. It looks good but will need 2 coats. I’m using up what was left of some wall paint, trim paint, other wall paints … I put it all into a can and mixed it up. It mixed up almost a gallon of a really light tan, almost beige. I needed to empty the cans out to get them in the trash. I have to admit the color is really pleasing. And I have just enough to give it a second coat. It has a cross between and eggshell finish and semi-gloss. It really dressed up the door. Now I need to decide on the walls. I’m thinking an off-white for ceiling and walls. Everything all one color (except the door).


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  1. Talked to wife … she tipped the trash guy and he took all of it!! Way to go wife!!

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