Almost done …

All that is left on my home clean-up is the garage. That’s it! Well I need to wash my siding and start landscaping. But yeah, that’s it. We moved so much stuff to storage. And we are only bringing back the stuff we need. The less-cluttered look is great!! I think once we get things set back up the way we want them we will have a garage sale and sell off everything else. There is no need to bring it back in. If I could hold the sale at the storage building I would, but that’s against the rules. With my garage being emptied out I’ll have the space for a garage sale. Before now it would have to be a yard sale because there was no space in the garage. But that’s weeks away. Garage needs to be done first. Then setup the house the way we like it. I love the way things have turned out. I’ll have to find some pictures of before and take some “after” photos.



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2 responses to “Almost done …

  1. When you finish there, come on over here and clean out my storage room. My wife has so much stuff in there that I am afraid to enter!

  2. LOL!! I’ve got my hands full here. What’s cool is with all the clutter from the house gone, and with the garage being emptied to trash or storage, my wife is really getting into it. She’s really been in the declutter mode as well! But I’m starting to get afraid. It might just be a way for her to start over with the collecting of stuff. We’ll see how it goes ….

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