End of winter …

Yesterday was a great day! Sunny! A bit breezy, but otherwise perfect. I got the leaves cleaned off and the excess water drained off the pool cover. I am almost ready to open the pool up. I need to wait a week or so. There are still no buds on the trees. Maybe I’m jumping the gun on pool season. But yesterday was a great “work in the yard” day. I got my landscaping started. I figured I should take advantage of the weather. I can finish cleaning the garage and painting it even if the weather is cold and rainy. You only get so many nice days to work in the yard before the summer heat shows up. It’s going to be a nice day again today, but rain is supposed to move in around 5pm and it’s going to get cold again .. possible snow showers the weatherman said.

I’ve never really felt like this before regarding winter. I want it gone. I’m ready for winter to be over. I want spring. I want to feel warm sunshine on my face. Since losing 70 pounds and keeping it off I feel the cold much quicker than I used to. And it takes me longer to warm up. So .. summer time heat doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I’m actually looking forward to it. So long Old Man Winter! Hello warm spring!!


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