Down time

It’s weird not having anything to do on the house. After all the hard work to clean up, fix up and de-clutter we are taking a break before deciding on which things get moved back in. We’ve gotten so used to having just the basics around we aren’t sure we want to bring much more back in. I look at what we have stored and I wonder if it’s really needed. Most likely no. So .. now that we are done and enjoying this brief respite, we are faced with the major task of going through everything in storage and trying to decide where to put it – trash/donate/sell/keep. Other than clothes and books (and that is all me .. I love books) and my treadmill, I’m not sure I want to bring any of it back. But there are some sentimental things there. My great grandmother’s table and chairs and her fine china. Our wedding china and silverware are stored as well. All my music is over there, but I believe most if not all of it is on my iPod. If not I need a larger iPod! 🙂 Of course all my tools need to come back and be put away. The more I think about it the more I can think of things I need to bring back. I need all my computers back … (even though I’ve gotten by using just my laptop and server). My camera stuff really should not be stored like that. My comic book collection will definitely have to come back. See .. I could keep going. But I won’t.

I’ve already decided I should see about selling off the comics, either 1 by 1 on eBay or in bulk to a local shop. All of my CDs are on my iPod, according to the way things work with the RIAA if I don’t keep the CDs I can’t keep the songs on my iPod. Last thing I’d want is those retards coming after me for selling off my CDs and keeping copies on my iPod. DVDs and video tapes .. what is the obsession with buying and owning them? After watching them once I’ve not really gone back and watched them a 2nd time. I take that back I have watched a few more than once. So they are all going to be sold off except the LotR and others I’ve watched repeatedly. I don’t need 6 computers. Yes I said 6. I have an Apple Xserver, an Apple iBook, two Sun Ultra-20’s, a HP Pavilion Slim Desktop PC s7727c and a home built AMD 64 dual core desktop. And yes I run a wireless network. There is nothing worse than a cable mess everywhere! Every machine needs i-net access so they are wireless. But I’ve decided to keep one PC for the girls to share, my Xserver, my laptop and one of the Sun Ultra-20s. The others will be sold off.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg ….


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