Ripped off!

OK, I’m a little ticked off at Guthy Renker and Wen by Chaz Dean.

A while back we had tried the Wen hair care products and they worked. And about 2 weeks ago there was an infomercial on. You got the following as a 30 day supply for $29.95 and $6 for S/H:

1 – 12 oz. WEN® Cleansing Conditioner
1 – 2 oz. WEN® Styling Crème
1 – 2 oz. WEN® Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

FREE Bonuses:

1 – 10g WEN® Texture Balm
1WEN® Wide Tooth Shower Comb

And there was an offer to buy the 90 day supply for only 2 more payments of $29.95 and you save 35%. OK! We get a 60 day money back guarantee. Now … based on the information given above what should the 90 days supply include?

3 – 12 oz. WEN® Cleansing Conditioner
3 – 2 oz. WEN® Styling Crème
3 – 2 oz. WEN® Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

FREE Bonuses:
1 – 10g WEN® Texture Balm
1WEN® Wide Tooth Shower Comb


NO! What we got was:

2 – 16 oz. WEN® Cleansing Conditioner
1 – 4 oz. WEN® Styling Crème
1 – 4 oz. WEN® Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

FREE Bonuses:
1 – 10g WEN® Texture Balm
1WEN® Wide Tooth Shower Comb

Where does that equal 90 days? If you base the 90 day supply on the list given for the 30 day supply you are loosing 4 oz. WEN® Cleansing Conditioner, 2 oz. WEN® Styling Crème and 2 oz. WEN® Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask. So I called. I spent 30 minutes trying to understand how paying full price ($29.95 * 3) and getting less product equals a 35% savings … Go to their website and check it out! There is no mention that you get less product. The way it is written you are supposed to get the same amount times 3!  I was repeatedly told by a “stoopidvisor” that the 30 day supply is more like 40 days and the 90 day supply is really just 90 days. All the more reason to by the 30 day supply times 3 and pay the extra $6 in shipping to get 30 more days free … that’s where the 35% savings would come into play.

I finally hung up with the following resolution; a full refund including shipping and handling. But I still had to pay to ship it back. So … to get my shipping and handling fees back we are going to use the product for two weeks and then return it for my full refund. It’s only fair … right?

Needless to say I will report this to the BBB and to the postmaster. What they have done is mail fraud, right?



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19 responses to “Ripped off!

  1. Alexis

    How long did it take to receive your product? I ordered mine 3 weeks ago, I called and they are STILL processing my order. 3 WEEKS!! I was expecting to have my product shipped out and have received it a few days ago.. This is ridiculous! The only reason i was going to keep it was because it was only $30 plus s&h i get 12 oz plus all the styling products and bonuses. Urghh i’m enraged, but the deal is really great for this first offer and after this canceling the automatic shipping ripoff deal. $30 a month for a 90 day supply every 3 months way.

    Did the products work well in your hair? How did it smell? Please let me know =)

    I’m hoping the conditioner works well enough for me to continue using and just purchase them off QVC for cheaper.
    I am appalled by Guthy Renker, aren’t they supposed to be like top notch with this stuff or something?

  2. 3 weeks. They work great! The rip off was the 30 day supply adds up to more than the 90 day supply. I recommend it but buy the 30 day supply and cancel the auto ship. The autoship is 90 days worth and it’s a rip off.

  3. I use the shampoo it did not work for me but did not return the 1st delivery. My 2nd delivery came in May and returned it with delivery confirmation receipt. I was debited 37.90 instead of 29.95 up to now no refund was credited to my account to make it worst they again debited my account in June for 29.95 without any delivery I did not received the shampoo and they got the money from my account. I emailed both Wen hair care and Guthry Renker unfortunately no response. I called wen customer service all they told me was “Hah, um let me check that and I will call you back” They even gave me an RMA# who knows what the heck is that for if they cannot help you. Now I am planning to close my account so that they cannot debit it in July. What a f—— company to do business with. Be very very careful with signing up with this people. Very fraustrating and upsetting.

  4. yeah .. i still have not gotten my refund for my original purchase. they have not shipped me any more nor have they billed me. i hope they can straighten it out for you!

  5. loren

    Just thought I’d add my two sense (cents)…..this is one of the best products I’ve tried. I literally used to employ 5 steps/products to get my hair to look good and now with Wen, it’s one product only and my hair is better than ever!

    Re: auto ship….I completely avoided this whole issue by purchasing the set from the website, so I could try the Sweet Almond Mint…then canceled the auto ship with no issues. Then I went to Amazon and was able to try the different formulations at will.

    By the way, Guthy Renker is one of the biggest distributors, not because their practices are admirable; but because they’ve been doing this type of business for over 20 years now.

  6. Bella

    They are sneeky at best.I tried to order a months order and they said no deal except for a 90 day extra order, well ***** them. I emailed them and still no reply. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH. Am not expecting one either.

  7. cassandra

    I, too, was ripped off my Wen/Chaz Dean/Guthy Renker. It has been two months now since I sent back the unopened product and requested a refund – still not refund. And the product was horrible. I hated it. I gave my first shipment to my best friend after it failed to work for me, and she hated it as well. It is gathering dust in her bathroom. The product is bogus and the company is shady. Steer clear of this scam.

  8. tracy

    Wen and its continuity offer is a big scam. I got my initial shipment and immediately changed the frequency of shipments on their website to the maximum time interval so they wouldn’t send me more 2 weeks later. sure enough, two weeks later, they charged my cc 37.95. I refused the package, it took them 6 weeks to credit back my cc 29.99, I had to pay the 7.95 shipping for a product I never ordered. I think the product is ok, but I will never buy anything from Guthy-Renker. Their programs are lucrative for them and deceptive to the customer.

  9. Newbiegirl

    Sure glad I read this, I was almost suckered in to call. I’ll go on Amazon instead and see what kind of try out product they have. Thanks all for your comments. I absolutely hate all of these “selling” websites. I’m not even sure any of them are selling the bona fide product.

  10. Newbiegirl,
    The product worked ok on me, but on my wife and daughter who have fine straight hair … after 2 days it looked like they had not showered. Worked great as just a conditioner. But it really was not worth the extra $$$. We have found that Pantene’s Fine Hair solutions is the best!!

  11. Kristin Calan

    Wen is junk and Guthy Renker is even worse. I had very, very, very thick hair and thought maybe this would help tame my mane- wrong! My hair felt dry and my scalp felt itchy. It was horrible, I stopped using it after a few days and went back to my old shampoo. I knew that GR always scams people into “auto signing” up for their delivery programs, so I tried to cancel using the website I used to order it after having the product for about 2 weeks. It kept telling me my password was invalid, even though I knew it was correct. I clicked the “forgot my password” button at least 6 different times and my “password” was never emailed to me. Before I had a chance to call them and wait on hold for 25 minutes, I got home from work to see an orange slip on my door that Wen had sent me a package and required delivery confirmation. I refused the package and dropped the tag back in the mailbox. When I finally spoke to someone, she told me I would continue to be billed until they had a chance to process my return. I kindly told her I would not. I called my credit card company and had them cancel my card so that these scammers could not get another dime out of me. Their business practices are deceptive at best and they should be put out of business! I doubt I will ever see the first $40 they stole from me back, but at least that’s all they got!

  12. dexter

    I have had terrible trouble getting the pro-activ deliveries cancelled. Guthy Renker always state that “we’ll take your number and someone will get back to you within 24 hours”. They never get back to you. I threatened to go to Trading Standards today and lo and behold they cancelled the order and promised me money back on the spot. Their customer service officers are rude and put you on hold for ages whilst they chat to their friends – I know this because they didn’t put me on hold properly and I sat there listening to the operator discuss me, her family and a recent meal she had. They are an appalling company and I urge you to avoid them.

  13. Elizabeth

    Wen it is a very good product, don’t use their side go to QVC and you will get the same stuff with confident

  14. So glad this was addressed! I love WEN products. During an illness, I had significant hair loss and even wore a wig for a while. This product really works for me, my hair looks amazing. The problem is buying it through Guthy Renker. The billing cycles are confusing and misleading. The representatives are rude when explaining billing procedures. I had a shipment that never arrived, so I cancelled. I am able to buy the products elsewhere when I need them. I pay, and they arrive. The monthly $34.00 charges for one kit ends up being about a hundred dollars. I bought a kit for $25.00 that will last me over three months, free shipping and no ambiguous charges on my credit card.

  15. ashley

    Im having the same issue, but also i was charged 37 for the first month then 29.95 thid month and next month! That is MORE expensive than just paying monthly, wheres the saving in that! And i wasnt notified i would be sent a 90 day supply so i am even more ticked off that im getting charged without choice for something i dont even want

  16. Demetrius

    I must admit that when I first purchased the first shipment of Wen I was very impressed, the first shipment was a rather large shipment and it made my hair so soft and easier to manage, and even grew faster. But when I wanted my second shipment they wanted me to buy a 90 day supply that was smaller than the first shipment, I was very upset, it was $90, no way! I usually dye my hair so when I went to do my regular dye job, my hair became a bit dry, Hey, my hair isn’t suppose to feel like this, it took 3 treatments for it to feel back soft again. But you have to use so much cleanser they should always give you 2-16 oz bottes with every shipment, so now I buy my products when I need them from off e-bay, much cheaper! I love the product too, but I too tink it’s a rip-off, for the ones that ove Wen, go to Amazon or E-bay and get only what you need. The Volumizer and the Balm aren’t for me so I don’t buy them, mainly just the ceanser, stlying cream and the conditioner in the tube.

  17. toni

    Wen is a big rip off..I tried the product and two days later my hair started to break off badly. Now I have to get my hair totally cut off..short. They don’t tell you that using on color treated hair will dry your hair out and break if off. What a false advertisement. As far as the payments go, that’s a rip off too.

  18. Kristin Damico

    Oh Jeez, I am now scared to try this after being so excited to get it. I have heard nothing but good things until I read these horrible stories. I first was going to buy on eBay and then I seen how cheep the first kit was. I wonder if I cancel my monthly shipment if I can still order from the website?

  19. Janet

    36 vs 32 ounces x all the people who “believe” and “fall in love” with the products before doing the math…that’s how these folks make their money. The onus is always on the consumer to do their research and I appreciate what I learn from others online! If you like the product it may be worth it and I liked the scent of the almond mint at my friend’s. I’ve never bought it myself.

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