Yes, it is a rip off

I’ve gotten a few email questions about why I think I get ripped off buying the 90 day supply of WEN® Cleansing Conditioner. Let me break it down in really simple terms and I’ll give you a comparison that hopefully you will understand.

When you list a product having 12 oz. as a 30 day supply you are saying 12 oz. = 30 days. From that information, using a little deductive reasoning and performing a simple algebraic equation you come up with 1 day equaling 12/30 oz. = .4 oz. So if each day you use .4 oz. a 90 day supply would be .4 oz * 90 days = 36 oz.

When you order the 90 day supply you get 32 oz. or 32/90 = .35556 oz. per day. Is that difference worth squawking about? Yep! That’s an 11% difference … 32/36=.888. Subtract .888 from 1 and you get .112 or 11% (if you round).

If you went to the doctor and you were given a 90 day prescription of antibiotic and you went to pharmacy and they said they could fill it 2 ways; we give you a 90 day supply today or we give you a 30 day supply and you have to come back for the refills. You choose the 90 day supply and go home. On day 79 you notice you only have 1 pill left. You call the pharmacy and they tell you yeah, over 90 days you are bound to miss a day or 10 so we reduce the number of tablets. If you wanted all 90 tablets you should have picked the 30 day supply … how would you feel?

So Guthy Renker and Chaz Dean … if you are reading – the 90 day supply you offer is a rip off!! Consumers, if you are buying I recommend the 30 day supply.

Does the stuff work? We think so. After the freebie trial we had was over we ordered the 90 day rip-off size. Is it worth the $29.95 plus s/h? Depends on you .. I like it and how my hair feels (I know .. sounds feminine or gay if you ask me) and my scalp doesn’t itch. And no, it’s not greasy!

And yes, we are using it for a week and returning the remainder for a full refund (includes S/H) because I called to complain. I’ll at least get my return shipping monies worth before I send it back.


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One response to “Yes, it is a rip off

  1. Kelly

    I completely agree- I just checked my bank account (was actually looking for something else) and realized I have been charged three times for what I thought was just a trial. I am certain that I didn’t sign up for an automatic shipment every ninety days because I never sign up for that–I am going to report them to the better business bureau if there is such a thing anymore. And when I called, the woman who helped me was very reluctant to ‘cancel’ any future shipments !!! Regardless of the product’s quality (if you like it), the customer service sucks and they shouldn’t have to trick busy people like me into paying out the nose for it.

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