Spring is here

Living in southern Ohio affords us the opportunity to enjoy all 3 weeks of spring starting this week. Why do I say three weeks? Because in three weeks it will be hot and humid and pools will be opening and the battle for the control of my yard will really begin. The yard is all that is left on the list of things to do around the house. It’s been too rainy and soggy to do much yard work. But now that the ground has thawed and rain soaks in instead of standing on the surface, things are greening up and flowers are beginning to bloom. And the soggy is going away. I took my walk around the yard with Shadow yesterday and I saw how lacking my flower beds are. They are the only real eyesore left. I’ve cleaned up the sticks and edged the yard. It’s even been cut twice!

With this wonderful weather (I must have been hating this past winter I don’t ever remember wanting spring to get here) we’ve been having I am ready to hit the pavement and give up treadmills until the fall. I think Shadow is ready too. She had her first rabbit run and she’s out of shape. She couldn’t keep pace with the rabbit. He (or she) was across the back yard and around to the front yard before Shadow cleared the back yard. I think in a straight-a-way she might have been able to keep pace for a bit, but turns are where this rabbit won.


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