Layoffs suck

I was not affected with the layoffs that happened in October last year and dodged a bullet again this past week. But the next time round I doubt I’ll be so lucky. It’ll either be a layoff or I’ll be “re-badged” and absorbed into another company. That wouldn’t be so bad. I could live with that. Four department members were laid off last October. Three have found jobs in the past six months. It’s not that there no jobs doing what we do, it’s just that they don’t pay what they used to pay.

I’ve thought about what I would do if I was laid off. I would probably take the pension fund and 401K out, pay the tax penalty and pay off my house and other bills. I think I’d have to pay 33%. Not sure. I’m trying to find out. If I it’s more than 33% I could pay off the house but other bills would have to wait. And that’s OK because I’d draw severance pay for 26 weeks. Without having to pay for a car (the car is paid off, I did that in February) and house, my monetary needs would be much less. And I’m taking the car payment money every month and knocking out other bills. I’m still on track to get everything but the house paid off by this time next year. I’m tired of being in debt. I want to be debt free. It’s a mission. I completed the house cleanup mission. I’ll complete the debt-free one as well.


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