I think I’m going bald?

I got my haircut today. Same girl has cut it the last 4 times. I think that’s a record at Great Clips. To get the same person 4 times in a row. I really like the way she cuts my hair so the last 2 I’ve called to find out if she’s working before I came in and was pleasantly surprised to find out she was both times. And today I called as well to setup an appointment for right after work.

Alyson is a great hair stylist. I have to call her that because she found a way to work out the “cowlicks” that show up when I get my hair buzzed. I have her use a #3 setting on the sides and back and a #6 on the top. But the areas that are prone to sticking up really wild like after my buzz she uses scissors on. When she’s done it looks great. I love short hair (on men – few women can pull it off without looking like dikes). I wish I could keep it this length all the time. That would mean a trip in every 2 weeks and at $13 a pop I think I can wait 8 weeks between clippings. I usually tip her well ($4 on $13 a cut) since she is young, single, on her own trying to make it 2 states away from her family. I thought Alyson is only 21, hard working and she is the sweetest nicest kid. And that is when it hit me — I’m old. I am twice her age. I’m old enough to be her dad. And then I noticed how much grayer my hair looked after she finished. It even made my beard look grayer. I paid my bill and tipped her. Told her that if she leaves Great Clips she needs to tell me where she’s going.

I headed out the door and back to my car. and as I’m walking to my car I mis-stepped off the curb and jarred my back. So that was hurting and I was really looking grayer. I got to the car and started home. I was at a stop light and heard the car next to me listening to WXEG out of Dayton. I know because it is what my car was tuned to as well. I love music and WXEG plays the best music in down. Needless to say I had to look to see who it was and it was a car load full of kids (prolly more 20 somethings) and here I sat with grayer hair. I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed a hair sticking out of my ear. I thought Alyson missed a few when she dusted me off. No …………………….. She missed a few while clipping me. I had ear hair. And lots of it. Not a bush mind you but probably 4 or 5 sticking out of my right ear. I checked the left and same thing there!! Old men grow ear hair … not … 42 year old gray haired guys … right? Then I started wondering .. nose hairs? I looked. Yep! Back hair!!?? I hate seeing guys with hairy backs. Yep! I verified it with Wife and she said over the last few years she’s noticed more of it. Gross! Ear hair, nose hair and now back hair. What’s next?!! I guess I should be relieved that I’m keeping my hair and I’m not going bald.


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  1. Amit

    I think I’ve had my hair cut by the same girl when I was in Dayton around last Thanksgiving. By the Dayton Mall, right? Yes, she was really nice and did a great job cutting my hair short. Yep I too tipped her $4 on $13.

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