Horror scopes

Here’s mine for today:

“April 29th for Lerxst
Taking a trip to a lovely destination may be just what the doctor ordered. Reading for pleasure, listening to music, or engaging in a hobby are all favored right now. It’s time to let your hair down.

Your intuition may be quite strong and accurate now. See if you can’t develop some of your hidden psychic powers. Make some guesses about what can happen in the near future.

Look to the younger generation for a positive attitude today. Your creativity is not likely to receive the freedom of expression it deserves today. You need a little romance in your life.”

Let’s see … the only thing that came true on that was the very last sentence. Wife got home today around 5pm, said she ordered pizzas and the kids were at her mom and dad’s house. She was on her way to pick them up. She said let’s go! Grabbed my hand, took me up to the bedroom, threw back the covers and proceeded to engage me in an unexpected quickie! I didn’t ask why. I just went along for the ride. We finished our bidness and we left together to pick-up the pizzas. We ate dinner and not a word was spoken. Just sly little grins were exchanged. She’s upstairs now tucking the kids in. She asked when I’d be up and I said in about 15 minutes. She said perfect! I’ll call you when I’m ready ……. I’m wondering for what?!



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2 responses to “Horror scopes

  1. Alicia

    are you STILL upstairs?

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