Have you ever noticed how nosy neighbors can be? If you make a change to landscaping or start parking your car in the street or have a delivery from FedEx people notice and then have the balls to say something about it …

Why do they care? Aren’t their own lives entertaining enough? Why get involved in someone else’s biddness?

One time I was working on the brakes and doing oil changes in my drive and had 2 people “stop by” and wanted to chit chat … and then asked what I was doing. It’s fairly obvious. I’m opening an auto repair shop and will be doing all the work in my drive.

When I built my storage shed my neighbor’s had to chime in that the shed would look better in the back corner of my lot. Of course it would … if the pool wasn’t there … morons. To make matters worse they asked if I was going to put siding on it to match the house. At that point I went to Lowes and found an ugly color of Olympic Stain in the returns section for $15 for 5gal and I used it. Yeah I hate the color but my neighbors hate it more. šŸ™‚

I live on a corner of a street that dead-ends into another street (t-shaped intersection). I have 3 neighbors I like and get along with great. We go out of our way to help each other out. But to be honest, the rest of my neighbor’s piss me off by “offering advise” on what I’m doing.



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2 responses to “Neighbors

  1. Gee Whiz

    Do you think you could be-jewel your front doorbell on your house so the neighbors can get a touch of glam while they wait to impose on you the next time?

  2. LOL … they might tell it it doesn’t match …

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