What’s left?

I have been busy. Way too busy! A complete remake of the house and now I find that I’m helping my in-laws do the same. We started in their master bedroom bath (smallest non-closet room). Tore out the carpet and vinyl flooring. Removed ALL the plumbing. Rebuilt the toilet with a new flush kit. Put down tile flooring and put tile in the tub area. The shower area (separate from the tub) has fiberglass walls so no change there. Everything (including cabinets) got a new coat of paint and all new electric. Then we moved on and redid the master bedroom ceiling to floor.

Next came the tear out of the all the flooring in the rest of the house. Followed by painting. Then remodeling. We removed a wall with a pantry and closet. Put in a snack bar. I rewired the whole kitchen to have can lights in the ceiling on dimmers, hung a light over the snack bar, put a pendent light over the sink, installed under-cabinet lighting, put in new hardwood floors … etc .. etc .. etc ..

I am tired.

I’ve been at this for 5 full months.

So .. what’s left? Pulling everything out of storage, trashing the junk and selling the rest. Nothing needs to come back.


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