Flying Nekkid!!

I’ve kept my opinion to myself as of late. But this was just the thing I needed to get “motived” to speak up yet again ….

Big Bro Geo is at it again. How much of your freedom are you willing to give up!?? Wake up Amerika!! Folks may I have your attention please! This is your official notice. If you are flying out of airports in Washington (Reagan National and Baltimore-Washington International), New York, L.A., Dallas, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Miami and Detroit be prepared to have what little privacy you thought you had removed completely. When did we let this happen? Why did we let this happen? Did we have a choice? I’m beginning to think George Orwell’s 1984 is happening 24 years too late. Where’s the ACLU on this one? I hope they step up to the plate and knock this ball back down Big Bro’s throat. But the only thing I found was a statement that passengers expecting some privacy underneath their clothing “should not be required to display highly personal details of their bodies such as evidence of mastectomies, colostomy appliances, penile implants, catheter tubes and the size of their breasts or genitals as a pre-requisite to boarding a plane.” Ummm …. Hello? ACLU? Anyone home? What are you going to do about it?

Here is how the process works. Random travelers boarding airplanes in Washington, New York’s Kennedy, Los Angeles and eventually in other major hubs, will be shut in little glass booths while a three-dimensional image is made of their body – yep everything beneath their clothes will be visible to the TSA officers. And yes the images are very detailed. How detailed? Look to your left and right please … go ahead and click the images. Notice the “back fat” as my wife calls it on the right? The image on the left you can see the outline of the woman’s panties and her breasts are very defined as well. The fact that you can see the areolae (plural of areola) of the image on left is disturbing … Any women fliers out there that have been scanned recently need to see these images.

Here’s the good news. The TSA officers viewing the images are in a closed room (I’m wondering if the booths are locked and if they are issued tissues and hand lotion as well?) away from the passenger being scanned. The passenger’s faces are blurred on the scans so the TSA officer will not be able to notice facial features. Like they are looking at facial features … right. Once the passenger is cleared the image is deleted (supposedly) from the screen. It cannot be transmitted, printer or stored – UNLESS you are a perv and decide to bring your own video camera into the viewing booth and tape all the people you scan. All this in the name of a little security. Come on!

So next time you travel, just go nekkid! They are gonna gawk anyway!



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2 responses to “Flying Nekkid!!

  1. Those images just completely creep me out. Ugh. You know, maybe the rising gas prices are just a way to discourage people from traveling at all; the non-strip-strip-searches are just perks!

  2. Kyra,
    Give me a pat-down any day! Yeah they are creepy! And what’s disturbing is the TSA wants them everywhere. Honestly … we might as well just take our clothes off before we walk through the security checkpoints in protest … just imagine everyone at the airport waiting in the security lines all of a sudden undressing and putting their clothes in the trays and walking through the “metal detectors” naked! Just to protest! It’s peaceful. It’s not disorderly. We are complying. And saving the tax payers tons of money buy not needing the peep-show machines.

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