Where will we go from here

Now that we have backscatter virtual nudity scanners in place in our airports, we have pat-downs and searches of bags, purses and backpacks happening at every public place from sporting events, amusement parks, concerts, schools to everyday places like shopping malls. Don’t believe me? Ask a security guard at a mall if they have a set of guidelines in place to “keep their environment free of terrorism”. Ever since 9/11, we have watched our elected (and appointed) Republican lawmakers help Geo BushWhacker shred our Constitution all in the name of “fighting terrorism”. And the Democrats are no better, we have seen them acquiesce (big word for quietly backing down) on anything that remotely challenges Bush’s reign of terror. And rightfully so. They know to what extremes Bush and his “terror fighters” will go to get what they want.

It is time for that to stop. It is time for America to take back what is hers. We need to stop the crap in Washington. To be honest I think we need to start over. We left England because we didn’t like the fact that England was making laws, imposing taxes and taking away our freedoms. We did the right thing and stood up for ourselves. And we did pretty damn good. Yet ever since WWI we have let our government and other “powers that be” dictate the direction our country has taken. We have gone from a third world country to top of the heap and we are on our way back down. We are a hair’s width away from a financial collapse and government backed bail-out that will put us into all into servitude.

<RANT>Awww heck with it. You probably aren’t even aware of the freedoms and liberties you’ve given up in the name of security. I try to talk with people about this stuff and no one cares .. or they think I’m nuts. If you don’t care you get what you deserve. If you think I’m nuts don’t come to me seeking advise on what to do when things go to hell. If you care you already know what I think .. </RANT>



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2 responses to “Where will we go from here

  1. I’m all to aware of what has been lost. But I think I am overwhelmed at the sheer ignorance by the general population about the situation. What can you do in a scenario like this that would help? And you have to ask, if people are this way… horrible as it sounds… maybe they need that control taken over by other people.

    I don’t like it though. I’d much rather live with a group of people who were aware of their rights AND responsibilities and lived up to the honor of both.

  2. I’m glad to see someone like minded out there!

    People don’t care. Don’t threaten their way of life and they will give up whatever you ask of them. I strongly feel they get what they deserve having that attitude.

    There’s a song by Rush called Witch Hunt that has the following lines in it:

    “They say there are strangers who threaten us
    In our immigrants and infidels
    They say there is strangeness too dangerous
    In our theaters and bookstore shelves
    That those who know what’s best for us
    Must rise and save us from ourselves”

    That’s were we are today. Our government is on a witch hunt to find the “terrorists” and save us. But they can only do it by taking away liberties and freedoms my grandfathers fought to protect in WWII. Does no one remember the concentration camps we ran on our own soil? To protect US citizens from the Japanese invasion our government felt the need to build camps to relocate anyone who looked oriental. We needed to do it to be safe.

    Here’s what I see coming; if you don’t like the way the US is going you are labeled a terrorist and put into one of these camps. Your spouse and children are put into different camps. No communications allowed. All in the name of safety.

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