Funnel cloud

Back on June 3rd we had the scariest weather we have had in the longest time. We were under a tornado warning for almost 2 hours and rest of the night til morning under a tornado watch. Although there were no tornadoes there were several funnel clouds and I just happened to catch a couple with my camera. I was only outside to take down the patio umbrellas to keep them from slamming into the house to turning over the tables the were in. Once I finished I noticed a change in the air. It went from warm, muggy, still air to cold fast moving air. That is when I looked up and saw these two funnel clouds. I ran back in to grab my camera and snapped off several shots. It was 8:40pm and was dark so I wasn’t sure how these would turn out. These 2 shots were the best. The second funnel cloud actually started to drop down a tail and that’s when I headed in to the utility room with the wife and kids. I was not going to take any chances.



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2 responses to “Funnel cloud

  1. That 2nd shot is absolutely fantastic!

    But I’m glad everyone is alright!

  2. thanks! i sent the photo to the local news later that evening and it made the news!

    this has been an odd year for storms. they have been more frequent.

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