I must be .. no, I am, nuts!

I have been on one heckuva journey. Back on Sunday June 22nd a buddy and I started to do the “Master Cleanse”. It’s a 10 day “lemonade fast”. I was not sure I would be able to complete it when I started. The fast ended on Tuesday. I am on day 3 of re-introducing food to my digestive system. It’s gone really well.

Why do the “Master Cleanse“? To clean things out. Trust me, this cleanse will clean you out.All said and done I got the results stated in the booklet by Stanley Burroughs. It’s important to read though the entire booklet then decide if you want to do it. Then talk it over with family and people you are going to be around because they are going to be going through it with you. Not really, but they need to understand what you are doing and why.

Ok, so why did I do this? Two reasons, I’ve never done a complete system cleaning & I needed to break a bad sugar habit. Both are complete. Ten full days with no processed foods, sugar, proteins, dairy … you name it. Shut down the digestive system and let it “rest”. Clean everything out.

The “lemonade” really kept me from being hungry. I figured it provided close to 1000 calories a day. Not starving but not gorging either. The only part I didn’t like is the daily “saline flush” .. and it does flush you out. I kept a daily journal and tracked my starting weight, BMI and body fat %. Total weight lost is 25.6 pounds. BMI dropped from 25.5 to 22.8. The weight loss and BMI reduction are a side-effect of the cleanse. The majority of the weight loss is from the cleansing of the colon. Some from the reduced calorie intake. If you are interested in reading my daily journal and seeing the numbers let me know.

Would I recommend it? Only if you are doing it for the right reasons and if you have someone to do it with. The partner helps.


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