People suck

When D2 was really young she had a problem saying her f’s … (the letter F) They sometimes came out as “S”. Not sure why I bring it up now … but there was a rather embarrassing moment many years ago when she asked my mother-in-law “Do we like people?” My mother-in-law replied “Yes we do. We are supposed to love all people.” D2 replies “My dad hates people. He calls them suckers.” And a little while later there was the time D2 was riding with my mother-in-law in the car and someone cut my mother-in-law off. My wonderful little girl spits out her pacifier (4 yr old with a pacifier .. go figure) and says “That sucker!” … it wasn’t until later that my mother-in-law figured out what she was really saying.

Well yesterday was one of those days when you see people, situations and things for what they really are. And you know what, people are “suckers”. And I don’t like ’em. It’s rare to find someone who is genuine. Everyone I meet is only in it to find out what I can do for them. It’s not a genuine interest in getting to know me, it’s “what can he do for me”. And that bothers me. Once I figure that out and catch the “sucker” in a situation that reveals their true nature I let them know what I think. They will learn that I will always be honest and tell them what I REALLY think and won’t hold back. So if you do take the time to get to know me you will learn this “He will tell me what he thinks and it may not be what I want to hear.”

Man I hate people …



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2 responses to “People suck

  1. Yes, I find this to be a major problem too. *sigh*

  2. Do you find that family is that way too?

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