Moving sucks

My company has been in a state of flux for a little over a year now. There has been a regime change at the very top and they are instituting a whole new way of corporate life for us.

We turn a profit every year. I guess I should clarify that. Our parent company depends on us to make things go in the black every year. If it wasn’t for my company the parent company might break even. So in order to make more money my company has to make more. And with the market place shrinking that is hard to do unless you cut costs. What’s the most (or least) popular way to cut costs? Cut jobs. Cut benefits. Their goal was to “save” $25 million in 18 months. We are not there in savings and 18 months is 3 months away.

We used to be THE place to work in town. But now … we are letting people go every six months. We’ve lost out on benefits. Just 3 years ago we were in the top 60 places to work in the USA. Now we aren’t even in the top 100. I say top 60 because we came in at number 53 … 5 years ago we were in the top 50. We used to “care” about employees. But now .. we are just a cost. “They” think everything we do can be handled with contractors and folks in India .. we are entering our first 6 months with development in India. And it’s not going well.

Oh yeah .. the moving part …. our new regime of leaders feel it is important to consolidate all of the technical staff into one building on campus, yet it’s OK for them to work in NYC while we are still in OH .. go figure. I guess I should be careful about what I say. They may decide to move everything to NYC and then I’d really be pooched. This move to building 1 is not gonna happen unless “they” want us to work 2 to a cube or split up into shifts or shrink the cube sizes. Guess what they did “they” did some re-arranging and shrinking and decided to move the last 6 departments into building 1. But even after their cubistic gyrations there was not enough room for all of us. So .. “they” decided to move 4 departments. Mine and one other was to stay behind. Which is fine by us. Our secretary sent out a notice telling the department we weren’t moving. And that is when things went wrong. One of the “they” caught wind of the the email and wanted to know who told us we weren’t moving. We said “facilities”. The “they” member said “I am in charge of the moves and I’ve not canceled any moves and you are moving.” So we repack our stuff only to be moved down one floor 3 days later. I think he got his point across.

So let’s think about this: to make our move happen to a different floor they had to move other people out of where we were going. I’ve been told it “costs” the company $1000 to move a person from one cube to another. There are 23 people in my department that needed to be moved. There were 23 people moved to “accommodate” my department’s move. Which means at least 23 people were moved somewhere else to “accommodate” the staff that our move displaced. My guess is the cost was close $85K … part was to reconfigure cubes in building 1. Looks like “they” will have to lay off a few people to pay for the moves.

It’s just a cube. I keep telling myself that. But there are so many logistical pitfalls with moving us .. firewall rules have to change … IP addresses change … meeting rooms and conference rooms are all different … not to mention we moved to the opposite side of the building and the Verizon Wireless guys have not checked out this side of the building for me .. I get like 1 bar or sometimes none! The AT&T wireless users get nothing. ZERO bars here. We’ve been in our new cubes for almost 2 weeks and still cannot get to 1/2 the systems we need to admin. We finally went back upstairs and put a workstation in one of our old cubes (which are empty) and we use that as a jump box.

Moving sucks ..


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  1. To make things even better … It was just announced Friday that the move of the other 4 departments has been put on hold indefinitely!

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