Things that suck

I have a theme going here .. might as well stick with it.

  1. Gaining weight
  2. Having to lose weight
  3. Losing things (except weight)
  4. Moving (of course)
  5. Bills
  6. Not winning the lottery
  7. Gas prices (including the cost of propane for the grill)
  8. The return on my 401K
  9. Needy people
  10. Removing wallpaper
  11. Fixing plumbing problems
  12. Restarting an exercise program
  13. Feeling like I need to look for a new job
  14. Rough toilet paper
  15. People who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom
  16. Not knowing where things are .. still have a storage building after all the painting I’m thinking of just selling it all off .. we have not used it in 6 months, do we really need to keep it?
  17. Paying for a storage building
  18. Cutting grass on a hot humid day
  19. Missing Miss USA fall in the evening gown competition for Miss Universe
  20. They canceled Jericho
  21. Battlestar Galactica is only coming back for a short season then they are finished
  22. My psychic friends still have not picked the right lottery numbers .. I’m beginning to doubt their psychic abilities … but then they said they knew I’d feel that way .. so now I don’t really doubt them I just wonder if they have psychic abilities .. and somehow they knew I’d say that .. (I could drag this on but I won’t)
  23. The fortunes in Fortune Cookies are not really fortunes .. they are just sayings or advice. And the luck numbers are not all that lucky
  24. Forgetting things that suck when you walk away from the keyboard
  25. The coffee at work (but it is free)
  26. Decafe green tea – I can get better flavor from the lawn clippings I rake up on hot, humid summer days
  27. Losing loved ones
  28. Fighting with my wife … coz I usually have to apologize and admit I’m wrong later .. but the make-up sex is great! So maybe that doesn’t suck as bad as I first thought
  29. MicroSoft
  30. Apple – for only letting AT&T carry the iPhone, why not Verizon Wireless?
  31. Our choice in presidential candidates
  32. Boogers … you have to get them out when blowing doesn’t help …
  33. What our government did to Liberty Dollar (
  34. Traffic
  35. Sinus infections
  36. Windows Vista
  37. I can’t install a Wind Turbine in my neighborhood
  38. Being late

Feel free to add to the list …


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One response to “Things that suck

  1. Alicia

    I second #30!

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