New table and chairs

Way back when in .. oh .. 1991 I bought my wife (of a little more than a year) a new kitchen table. It was solid oak. 48 inches round with 2 leaves and 2 solid oak chairs. It had a beautiful solid (not hollow) pedestal base with three clawed feet. Over time we added to it 6 other oak chairs with caned seats (not my choice but more affordable than solid seats). I bought that table because I knew it would last forever. I’m like that in every major purchase. I pay more and buy the best I can buy within my price range. I knew this thing would outlast me, my wife and even my kids. But I never took into account that it would outlast my wife’s taste in furniture.

So with wallet in hand and no kids in tow we looked at tables and chairs back in April. And we found a great set in cherry. It matches the rest of the furniture we seem to have acquired over the last 6 months. And with that oak table and the chairs being sold off all of our enduring oak is gone. Well not all of it. I still have my mom’s oak desk and we have the 2 oak “freezer chest” style end-tables. And my hand built fireplace and mantle are made out of oak. I really do like the new table and chairs. But to be honest they are not all that practical. You cannot expand the table with leaves. And since it’s “pub height” you cannot just pull up any old chair to it. But it is a pretty table and set of chairs. It really is. And it is beautifully made and is solid cherry wood. That was important And it was completely disassembled. Little did I realize when I bought it that I would spend 3 hours putting it together. What the hell is up with that! You would think for the price we paid for a solid cherry table and chairs, it would come pre-assembled. I was wrong. But now it’s all together and it’s done the right way. And I do take some pride in the fact that I was able to take poorly written instructions and understand them to the point of assembling the furniture. So now I can add carpenter to my resume …


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