I am going on vacation next week. I’ll be out of town from Monday thru Friday. And the way I feel right now is I am already on vacation. I don’t want to do a darn thing. Heck I didn’t even cut my grass this weekend. I’m the only one in the neighborhood that has an unkempt front yard. My flowerbeds look like crap. I have not edged the yard. I have not done anything. Wait a sec .. I did but a new wheel for my wheel barrow. I have been “preparing” to do my yard work. I just have not done it. 🙂

So with me being in this pre-vacation mode, I doubt I’ll get much done at home and most certain at work. I need this break. I’ve been going non-stop since January with fixing up the house, work, buying D1 a car and fixing it up, work, painting, work and household fix-ups. Oh yeah and work. I hate this funk. I rarely ever feel this way. I usually have a drive to get things done. I’m guessing that I’ve reached burn out. I don’t want to do a thing

We aren’t going anywhere special. We make an annual trip to Gatlinburg with my in-laws, the kids and wife’s grandparents. I was going to bitch and moan about it being, yet again, another multi-generation vacation (4 to be exact). But no one likes a whiner. What could I have to whine about? (A lot! .. coz I can be like that!)

I’m hoping gas prices stay down. We are currently paying $3.629 (that was per gallon this morning on my way in to work this morning) for unleaded. With the mileage we get in the Pilot that boils down to $140 in gas versus the $4.199 we were paying a little over a week ago ($160).  That’s just the gas there and back. I’ll go through another tankful while there.

Once it’s all said and done it will be fun. I just dread the “long” drive. And then having to cart everyone around once we get there. Everyone enjoys the food. We go see a couple shows. We shop (don’t understand how that is vacation .. i can do that at home). We eat. We swim … and all I want to do is sit and read a book on my balcony and watch the cars go by.


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