There is such a thing as too much fiber!

Ok .. this can be a little gross so I’ll spare you the details ……

I started out losing weight a couple years ago. And I’ve learned much in that time. Things like the importance of eating well balanced meals. Avoid the carb heavy or protein heavy meals. Balance them out. I’ve gone to eating more fruits and veggies than meats. I’m avoiding red meats and fried foods from here on out. But the one thing I always thought was good was more fiber. I think there is a limit.

I enjoy Fiber One cereal. Honestly I do. At first it was like eating cardboard but now I like it. I mix it in with a fat-free yogurt. That’s 14 grams of fiber in one serving. I enjoy the Fiber One chewy granola bars as a snack. They contain 9 grams of fiber. I have a serving of the cereal every morning and a chewy bar with my lunch. Once of the things I did was start taking Andrew Lessman’s CholestaCare Plus Fibermucil to help bring my high cholesterol down. It, along with diet and exercise I was able to drop my bad and raise my good cholesterol and drop my triglycerides. I’m not about to stop taking it and rock the boat. There are 3 grams of fiber in each dose. I take it twice a day per directions. That’s 6 more grams of fiber. So that’s a total of 29 grams of fiber. That does not include the fiber I am getting in my daily diet. The raw veggies and fruits add at least another 8 to 10 grams. So on average I get 37 to 40 grams of fiber a day.

All of that fiber is normal for me to it’s ok … until I had a chocolate craving last night after dinner and the only chocolate we had in the house was a Fiber One chewy granola bar. That was probably what did me in. I’ve felt “full” all night and into the better half of today. And in the middle of my last meeting I felt the fullness “move”. By the time the meeting was over I needed a restroom. Trust me folks, you can get too much fiber! I feel great now. But felt uncomfortable all morning. I’ve learned my lesson!


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