Vacation to remember part 1

We are on vacation. And so far this is one to remember …

My sister is watching Shadow. Wife and I took her to sis in Columbus on Saturday. We dropped her off around 7:30 and started back home. We stopped off in Grove City to get a quick bite to eat. After dinner we got in the car to head home and we both noticed a squeaking on a left or right turn. It went away when I braked. I drove to a gas station to top off the tank and check the brakes. Sure enough the front brakes were worn. We got on the highway and headed home. It was 8:30pm .. there was no way I could get home in time to buy brake part to do a 9pm brake job. I had a set of pads at home but didn’t know where.

Our plans were to head out around 7am. I had to get the brakes done before the trip. I called all the local parts shops but none were open after 9pm. We got home around 9:20pm.

I spent about 30 minutes hunting in the garage for the parts. No luck. My wife got a call from her aunt and was explaining why we weren’t going to be leaving on time. And that’s when her uncle got on the phone and told me there was an AutoZone open until midnight. I got in the car and made the drive to Dayton (35 minutes). I got the front pads and raced back home. I got the front pads changed in about 30 minutes. I took the Pilot for a ride around the block and they squeaked but not as loud as earlier. And that’s when I realized I needed pads for the rear as well. It was too late to make another run to AutoZone. It meant we had to push back the start time because I needed to run to AutoZone first thing to buy rear pads. Fortunately the AZ in Dayton opens at 7:30am every morning.


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