Vacation to remember part 4

Let me see .. brakes .. stopping every 45 minutes .. BIL’s surprise .. crappy food .. sunburn .. Coach purse shopping .. first name basis with Walgreens .. Dr. visits .. oh yeah the Walgreens pharmacists are on a frist name basis with us. Were were in there that much! And Wife is now a registered patient of the local Gatlinburg doctor. He “bombed” her system with 2 cortisone shots and a double dose of benadryl injection. We went in 2 days in a row for shots. He wanted to treat her one more time before going home but we had to go. We could not afford to stay another day after dropping $600 on medical expenses. I’ve got to tell you his treatment path was aggressive but it worked! Wife’s poison ivy is drying up and just has that bothersome dry itch associated with the drying. All said and done we should have seen him on day 1.

The we had the drive home … 9 long hours … see Vacation to remember part 2 but read it backwards for the breakdown on why it takes 9 hours to drive 353 miles.

OK .. I’ve whined and complained about the vacation. Was it really all that bad? Yes and no. Our activities were limited by what the little-ones could do and what B-I-L could afford. I don’t have a problem with that, but we should have said “Since you decided to surprise us, here’s our list of activities and the days we are doing them. You are welcome to join us or do your own thing …”  But we didn’t .. and that’s ok. I taught my nieces and nephew how to get free candy at one of the local candy shops. It got to the point they were wanting me to take them there all the time. We got them to play in the pool .. really play and swim. We wore them out. And they loved it. We took them go-karting (little-ones under 4 feet ride free). They had a ball. Problem – they now want to go back with us next year for the full week.

What else was there? Oh yeah! Indoor skydiving! D2 and I ponied up the $64 plus tax to do indoor skydiving! It was a ball! 15 minutes of instructional video, a mini class on the hand signals used, a tumbling session in the wind-tunnel and about 6 minutes of flight time. There are five members per class. Altogether we were there about an hour and 20 minutes. It was great!!! We would have paid to go again (discounted if you buy additional flight time in the same visit as the class) but everyone was waiting on us to go eat dinner. My thoughts were to tell them to wait! It was that cool!!

Wife and I did finally get a little bit of alone time to walk around town by ourselves our last night there. She was finally feeling better from the shots earlier in the day. It was the first time the whole trip she didn’t itch. This really was not a vacation. I feel ripped off. Kinda. The go-karting and skydiving were the best parts. But I feel cheated out of my vacation … I now know how Clark Griswald felt in the vacation movies …


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