Why I blog …

I started this blog more or less as a way to journal and perhaps vent and rant on occasion. It was meant to be an exercise in writing daily. I method for improving my written communications skills. I wanted to use it to find ways to capture things going on in my world. Then I thought, perhaps it would be a way to connect with others. But now it’s that “connecting with others” that concerns me.

Is it wise to journal personal thoughts and ideas in such a public forum? What if a prospective employer were reading and didn’t agree with me? What if my brother-in-law’s wife read my site and found out what I thought of her and her kids? What if my mother-in-law were to read it and found out what I felt about various family issues? Personally, I don’t care. I am not one to hide my feelings. I usually let people know where they stand with me. But my attitude and opinions might affect my wife or daughter’s. And their relationships with others. I don’t ever want to do anything that would cause them embarrassment or harm. Could my words cause them harm? Could the things written here hurt them?

Blogging is an exercise in self expression in hopes of reaching out to others who are like minded. And I wonder if I have accomplished that in any way shape or form. If not, is it worth it to continue? Or are people just reading this site to be a voyeur in to my life? Is my life interesting enough for someone, a stranger, to be a voyeur? Or am I boring and hard to follow? Are my thoughts scatter-brained and random? Or are they meaningful and relevant to my readers?

Would you be more interested in reading my blog if I wrote of scandal and deceit? Or wrote of adulterous thoughts and ideas? To date my top three posts revolve around my pool (number 1 and number 3) and people seeking info on about the Jigglin’ George. No one really cares about the entries I wrote on why gold and silver are the best ways to safe guard your money. Forget about the entries I wrote on “adult hook-up websites” and how fake and phony they are. And the post I wrote about all the weird, kinky dreams I had about my wife’s aunt are forgettable as well.

So why continue blogging? Or better yet, why continue with a public blog. Why not make it private. I would still accomplish my goal of self-expression. My journal is for my remembering of events, to preserve my perspective for me. To be rather blunt and honest my life is rather boring and mundane. I’m not the most eloquent writer. (Although I do believe my writing has improved greatly since I started blogging) My humor is rather dry at times. My life is rather safe and guarded. Why expose my life here and risk cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises?

And today I wonder if I will continue blogging in a public forum.


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