Soccer season 2008

Back in June I signed up D2 to play SAY Soccer this fall. I have coaced soccer for 8 years now. I did not sign up to be a coach. I put down on D2’s registration that I could assist if needed but would perfer to just be a parent this year. Literally that’s what I wrote on the form. I mailed it off at the end of June. I got a phone call the first week of July and was told that all coaches and assistants needed to be finger-printed and have an FBI background check. The cost – $50 and I have to pay it. BUT what was good about that was it was done by the schools and it allows me to volunteer at the school. I was told that if I did end up assisting the SAY league would pay 1/2 the fee.

All the rest of July went by with no other phone calls from the SAY organization. As a matter of fact July came and went with no phone calls. As a “former coach” I know that teams are pulled via lottery the 3 week of July and coaches are given rosters by the end of July and practices can start Aug 1. I started getting phone calls from parents wanting to know when practice started. I kept having to say “I don’t know .. I’m not coaching and I have not heard.” I finally called the league August 1st and asked what’s up. They said they have been in touch with the coach and I’ll hear later in the week.  While on vacation last week the league called my cell and asked if I knew how to get in touch with [insert coach’s name here]. I said no. I got a call later in the day and was told he called back. I was relieved. I was beginning to think I would end up coaching.

I got a phone call Friday from the coach (a voice mail really because we were in Gatlinburg) and he said “Team meeting on Monday 6pm at the park.” That was it. We met Monday. He said practices were Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm to 7pm. Our first practice is Thursday (8/14). He intorduced me as the assistant coach to the team. I’ve coached all the girls at one time or another so it was like a reunion. I got a phone call Tusday night from the coach and he asked, well no he stated, that I needed to take over as coach and that he will not be coaching and his daughter will not be playing. They were moving to another town. He apologized for the last minute notice.

I called the league and informed them. They said “OK, it’s a good thing you did your background check. By the way your uniforms and equipment are being passed out Wednesday night at 6pm. We’ll see you there.” I picked up all my “stuff” and have been gearing myself up to coach.

I found out I have 11 10 girls (former coach and daugther will not be part of the team anymore) and we need 11 to field a team. So what are we going to practice? Running … because all 10 girls will be playing all 4 quarters of each game … that’s an hour of running. They are going to hate me. Me? I’m gonna love it. Because I run every other day for about 50 minutes .. the extra 10 will really kick things up for me. I’ve kept myself fit .. and I will run with my team. Just like I did last year. And we will run until I get tired. Then we’ll do a drill until I catch my breath then run some more … and repeat for 90 minutes.

I need to stop by my local mega-mart and get some G8orade and Monster Lo-Carb … Go Team!


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