I need to get my grove back …

I’m not sure when I lost it … but it’s gone. I’ve tried repeatedly to get it back but I’ve failed. I’ve failed because I’ve not invested myself into getting back on track.

I decided back in January to work on my home. It came before everything else. I recognize a flaw I have .. I get wrapped up in something and everything else is on the fringe .. it’s not important. I did it with the weight-loss and getting in shape. I got focused and researched and devoted myself to it. I’ve not yet done that .. I’ve not switched gears from working on the house to getting back in shape. OK .. I have not lost my shape, I’ve maintained it. But I’ve not reached my goal of 205 – 210lbs. The closest I came was 217 before my hernia. Since then I’ve crept back up to 225 to 229 (kept that 230 mark at bay so far). Today was 225.4.

So here’s the plan …

  1. Organize my time – I have made every excuse to not exercise and the latest is I have no time. Just like my daily quiet time my exercise needs a daily time. I can’t jump right back in to where I was at before I “quit”. I can’t go to the Y and spend hours lifting. I’ve got to build that back up. I can’t get right back on the treadmill and pavement and go for 90 minutes at a time. I’m lucky to finish 40 minutes right now. It’s not that I’m that out of shape .. I’m just that unfit. Muscle breaks down to fat. And I know that’s what happening. So I need to remember how I started and go back to that.
  2. Clean out the junk from the kitchen. I was surprised to find out how much processed food was back in my cupboards. And it’s because of item number 1. “I don’t have the time to prepare a meal from scratch. I can use this hamburger extender and get a meal out of that …” or “Hey! We have a can of Overstuffed Ravioli … who wants that for dinner?” I used to plan out meals. I knew what was in my cupboards for each day. I need to get back to that. Then I need to fight the fight at the store. Resist the temptation once at the store and I won’t have to resist it every day at home.
  3. Plan my meals! Period. That includes snacks.
  4. Enjoy my meals and snacks. Slow down. It’s not a contest as to who can finish first or who can eat the most. Talk over dinner. Spend the time with family … unwind from the day.
  5. Set a realistic goal. Is 205 to 210 realistic for a 6’10” 42 year old male? Maybe It should be 210 to 215 … I need to look at it and see. If I am to believe the BMI tables 177 to 238 puts me in the 18.5 to 24.9 range which is “normal”. Right now I’m at 23.6 … and that’s on the high side of normal. Should I use the average of the high and low BMI of 21.7? That means I should weigh 208. This one is going to take time.

So .. where do I start? With number 1 of course. Make the time. Protect the time. Use the time. I did that yesterday. I went to the Y and did a complete weight lifting circuit, 2 sets. I was up to three sets six months ago .. but two is fine. I was was prepared to find out I had lost some “strength”. But it movements were all right. I’m not too sore today. So I did just the right amount. I can feel the tenderness, but I’m not in pain. And I slept like a rock and got up on time! Day one is down ….



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2 responses to “I need to get my grove back …

  1. Thanks for that vote of confidence! I made fixing up the house a priority and everything else suffered .. now that I have everything done I can restore some balance ………….. maybe. 🙂

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