Cellphone insurance?

I usually pass on this when I renew my contract with Verizon Wireless every two years. Wife and I get nice phones and the kids get cheapo phones. We didn’t do that last November. D1 wanted the new LG VX8550 (Chocolate) and D2 wanted the LG VX9900 (enV). I opted for the insurance.

The girls shared a phone for two years while Wife and I each had a line. Then D1 and D2 started doing different activities at the same time. And that meant Wife or I had to give up a phone. So in 2005 they each got a Motorola M276, a freebie flip-phone. They took great care of them. As a matter of fact they did such a great job that when the time came to get new ones I didn’t have a problem spending a little more on them for their new phones. Because I just *knew* they would take care of them. So I didn’t think I really needed insurance, but it was free for a month so I said sure. I also put it on Wife’s phone as well because she opted for the enV as well. Me? I have yet to break or lose a phone. And if I do, I’ll buy a new one. Because I can.

We all got our new phones back in October/November of last year. By December D1 had dropped her Chocolate into a glass of Mountain Dew. I still cannot figure out how she did it the way she said she did it. We filled out the claim paperwork and I paid the $50 deductible and she promised to pay me back. She did. But until I got the money I made her use the old Motorola M276. She finally paid me back and I gave her the Chocolate in May. By June it *developed* a cracked screen. I made D1 raise the money for the second replacement as well. This time she was a little quicker. I just filled everything out and sent in the forms via fax yesterday. They are sending a replacement and it will be here today.

But here’s the rub … I just got an email from the insurance company. My policy for D1’s phone has been cancelled. Two claims in less than a calendar year is grounds for cancellation. That’s OK. I’m getting ready to cancel it on Wife’s and D2’s phones now. D2 is super protective about her phone. She takes better care of iher phone than I take care of mine. And now the enV’s are under $100 and I’ll save that much by cancelling it on all 3 lines. $18 a month adds up quick!



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2 responses to “Cellphone insurance?

  1. You know, though… that kind of bothers me that they’re canceling. Frankly, your daughter is what that insurance is for! While insurance isn’t a license to be careless, it’s still there for parents like you. I’m so irritated with companies offering insurance – but ONLY to the people who basically promise to never use it.

  2. I hate insurance companies period! Especially these types, the “we like you as long as you don’t file a claim” kind.

    You never heard my Allstate story (it was before I blogged or I would have ranted about it for sure) … I was insured for 14 years with them. I had never filed an automotive claim. We had one claim on the house in 1997. Wife’s car got backed into in a parking lot in 2003. Her car was parked and she was inside the hotel. She got a police report and an eyewitness report of what happened. And the hotel manager made sure she was notified and given all the info. The car that hit her car was a rental and the driver was not a USA citizen, and they had not elected the insurance. I tried to work the issue out with the rental company, but after 4 months of them fighting me (Thrifty) I called my insurance company. My agent said Allstate would take care of it and they would go after the rental company. I was told that I should have come to them first. I finally got the car fixed. Allstate canceled our auto insurance later that year. They kept the house and the life insurance active. Yeah .. they took care of it alright! Needless to say all my insurance is with someone else!

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