Dealing with stress

I typically internalize my stress … right now it’s stress from work. I’ve found that lifting weights and running help to relieve most of the negatives of stress. Except for when I am on-call for work. I hate it. There is no other way to describe how I feel about it. I don’t sleep well. I am always listening for the pager. Or waking up to check the pager to see if I missed a page. I start out in bed but usually end up on the couch then in the computer chair logging in and checking things.

That’s why I’m up right now. 3:15am … woke up. Checked the pager. All is quiet. Went to family room around 3:40am. Logged in to work 3:55am .. all is well. And yet I feel that tension in my chest. It’s that unknown issue that *might* pop up that wakes me up and make me feel this way. I cannot exercise much when I am on-call because as soon as I start I get paged, or so it seems.

So dealing with stress .. how do you do it?


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  1. I’ve been on call for work in the past too, and I always felt the same way. It’s working without getting paid for it. I’d rather sit there AT work, than be on call.

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