I realized something yesterday … I have too many shoes …

I have the following:

  • one pair of running shoes for running on pavement and sidewalks
  • one pair of running shoes for my treadmill
  • one pair of running shoes for trail running
  • one pair of basketball high tops
  • one pair of soccer cleats
  • one pair of casual “Moc” shoes
  • one pair of casual Sketchers
  • one pair of dress shoes
  • one pair of hiking boots
  • one pair of hiking shoes
  • one pair of cross-trainers
  • one pair of old running shoes to wear when I cut grass
  • one pair of work boots to wear in the mud and muck
  • one pair of insulated hiking boots for winter wear
  • one pair of walking shoes (not sure where they came from .. i didn’t buy them)
  • one pair of moccasins

That’s 16 pairs of shoes?!! When did I fall into the trap of needing shoes for every little thing I do? I used to have 3 pairs and that was enough. Sneakers, dress and hiking boots. For years that’s all I had. Ok 4 pair. The sneakers would become yard work shoes when they looked worn out.

What happened was my running. I started out walking and lifting at the Y .. I got cross-trainers so I could walk and lift. I still had sneakers to wear to work. Then I got serious and my walks turned into jogs then runs. And then I bought a treadmill. I *needed* proper running shoes for the treadmill. I didn’t want to wear the dirty shoes from the street on the treadmill. So I had a pair just for the treadmill. Then I kept running and lifting and needed shoes to wear just to the Y and shoes for running on pavement and sidewalks. So at this point its 7 pairs … yard, hiking boots, dress, cross-trainers, treadmill, street runners and sneakers for work.

After a while I decided to try trail running with Shadow. So I’d wear the street running shoes. After the third trail run and a nearly sprained ankle I decided I need shoes for the trails. Better support, able to get wet, thicker, stronger sole to protect the feet … 8 pairs. I got the casual “Mocs” around this time to wear to work as well as my sneakers. 9 pairs.

I justified every pair of shoes I have .. to myself. I was rather embarrassed to find that I have as many shoes as my wife. I’m wondering if I can ever go back to just 4 pairs ….


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