Push over …

I am a push over …ask my wife or daughters. Ask my accountability partner … they’ll tell ya I am.

I meet with an accountability partner just about every Saturday. The purpose is to make sure we are keeping up on the responsibilites that we are charged with, as Christians, husbands, fathers, friends and workers. And in that order. We make exceptions to meeting when conflicts arise but we make sure we stay in touch through the week. Sometimes it’s a nag when we stumble. But for the most part it’s a part of my life I would not want to give up. It keeps me humble.

Last time we met was Thursday, Aug. 28th. We met then because I was on-call the 30th. And there is nothing worse than trying to rush through a meal and being held accountable while constantly checking a pager and not paying attention. Well .. when we met I mentioned that there was a game this coming Saturday at 9am and that I would have to keep things short when we met to be at the fields by 8:30am. My accountability partner reminded me about a family commitment in Cleveland. I told him confidently that if Wife really wanted to go, Wife would have to go up with D1. D2 and I had to be there for our game, we had made a commitment long before saying we would be in Cleveland. And it wasn’t me saying I’d be there … it was Wife!

I don’t have an assistant coach … how could I go? There was no one to take my place! I am needed! I am COACH! I stuck my chest out and proudly said that I was in charge of my family and *they* would be doing what I said. He encouraged me and said he was proud I was standing up for myself and my commitments.

I had to call him this morning to tell him I was going to Cleveland Friday after work. I found someone to coach and borrowed extra players from another local team to fill in for my daughter and the other girl I knew would not be there. And then I had to listen to 20 minutes of laughter .. on my cell .. then I had to hear about how big I talked and how tough I sounded talking with him .. He *knew* I’d back down and be going to Cleveland. He had already made plans knowing I would go. He knew I would do what Wife asked of (more like told) me. He knew because he knows my family comes before all others. And that I would be to worried to coach if Wife took off on the highway by herself.

I backed down and did what my wife told me to do … sorry guys. I tried to be tough. But I just couldn’t do it.



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2 responses to “Push over …

  1. I never understand why it has to be such a struggle of one person’s way over the other. Why can’t it be that you compromised with your wife and found a solution that let you meet your obligations with the team and your family? You didn’t back down, you found another path! I think that’s more admirable than “standing your ground”, any day.

  2. It wasn’t a struggle really .. but as a guy I have to make it look like one .. it’s the code. My buddy and I both knew I’d end up going. C’mon .. it’s family time and that’s what is most important. And I’ll be the first to admit we (meaning my buddy and I) like to “talk big” with each other and play it up about being the king of our domains. But we know better. “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!”

    Heck my dog even trumps me because she’s so stinkin’ cute!

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