I stayed up late watching the RNC Wednesday night. It’s taken me this long to digest what I saw. Sarah Palin handled herself very well. All the issues that were brought up by the Democrats were addressed .. or at least acknowledged. I think the best part about her speech is when she addressed the dysfunction of every American family. There is no perfect family. Every family has a little dysfunction. She has a special needs child and instead of aborting the child she stood by her beliefs and had a child with down-syndrome. She knew full well her child would be a special needs child. She knew well enough in advance to terminate the pregnancy yet she had her son anyway. That’s commitment!

She addressed the fact that her daughter is pregnant. She told the RNC that with all families there are challenges and joys. And sometimes the joys bring with them challenges. And that was it! Perfect! She could have told her daughter to have an abortion and that she was too young to do the mother thing but instead she is standing behind her daughter and willing to help one of her joys through the challenge.

Her “inexperience” was addressed by pointing out she is kind of like a “community organizer” but with real responsibilities.

Despite how well it went for Sarah I still have concerns. Not so much with her, but with the way things are shaping up. I know this is just the RNC and they have to “whip up” the crowds. My fear is that the little dirt clods flung by both parties will turn into a full-fledged mudslinging. I would love to see McCain and Palin say something like this … “You know, our opponent is right. There are some very serious issues facing our country right now. We are facing some economic hard times. We need to find ways to keep jobs here and help Americans gain control of their budgets. We need to control the spending of our government. We need to break our dependence on foreign oil by exploring renewable American energy sources. Ethanol is not the answer, it takes more energy to produce a gallon ethanol than the amount of energy a gallon of ethanol releases … it doesn’t make sense to pursue that option. We need to find ways to use our abundant natural gas deposits to meet our energy needs. We need to improve the fuel efficiency of our automobiles. We need to reform health care costs, yet still provide the world’s best medical services. We need to protect American citizens both at home and abroad … But we will not sling mud at our opponent. Let’s address the issues and share our plans and let the people decide.”

I’m just tired of hearing why a candidate is bad. I want to hear their ideas. I want to hear their solutions to the issues facing our nation. I am tired of dirty laundry. The past is the past. We need a future. We need hope. We need to see Sarah with a better hair style … I love the librarian look. Maybe a shorter skirt and a blouse that shows some cleavage ….

OUCH!! Wife just smacked the back of my head! OK! OK! OK! … Sarah looks fine the way she is .. but seriously she needs a new hair style.


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