Organized Chaos

That’s what I have been living the last couple of weeks, organized chaos. Back in January I had had enough. Things needed to updated and refreshed in the house. We were tired of the clutter. So we emptied everything out. I had the kids, wife and dog move in with my in-laws while we worked. I know .. drastic. But necessary.

We striped off wallpaper, patched and sanded walls, primed and painted. We replaced every single outlet, switch and cover plate. I put in new light fixtures. I replaced plumbing. Ripped out all the carpet and put down new. Put down new flooring in the kitchen and painted the kitchen cabinets. Updated the family room and put in closet organizers. Once we finished it looked great!

We moved everyone back in and brought back just the basics. And we left everything else in storage for 6 months. My lease on the facility was up and we moved it to the garage at the end of August. We are now in the process of going through the stuff. To be honest, I wanted to just get a dumpster and load it all up. We had not used it in the last 6 months, I doubt we will need it in the next six. So why not get rid of it. That’s the easy way, and to be honest probably the best way. We decided to go through the boxes and bins and create a sell, keep, donate and pitch piles. I need to work out spaces in the garage for each pile. Once that is done we can start. The goal is to have a garage sale in October and sell what we can. After the sale take what’s left to Goodwill along with the stuff we set aside to donate. And throw the “trash” away as we go through the boxes and bins.

So there is chaos in my garage and in part of the house where things overflowed. We are going through the stuff in the house first and then on to the garage.


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