Hurricane Ike Clean Up

I want to start off by saying that in no way to I understand the true effects of a hurricane. But I understand the effects of tornadoes and high winds, and the wake of destruction they leave behind. We have been blessed time and time again when it comes to sever weather disasters. We’ve only been inconvenienced by it – power outages, wind damage, ice storms, broken water mains … but nothing lasting for a long time.

We have power now. Well we have had it since late Tuesday. I’ve just been too busy to write.

I have some roof work to do, not much but enough. Sure I could file a claim with the insurance and could probably get a new roof out of it, but I did the responsible thing and got up on the roof in a lull of the storm and tacked down shingles that were flipping up in the high winds. After it was over I put a temporary “patch” in place and will be doing repairs this weekend. I cut out the broken limbs of the trees and cleaned up the yard (had to do something to pass the time while the power was out).

We lost about half of the things in the fridge .. we didn’t want to take a chance really. “When in doubt, throw it out” so the saying goes. I didn’t want to run the generator at night (being a nice neighbor) so the fridge itself got above 45 degrees so we had to get rid of the dairy items and eggs. My objective was to save the contents of the freezer. And for the most part the freezer was ok. We pitched the ice creams and anything that had started to thaw that we didn’t cook up right away. I’m guessing about $120 in “stuff”.

I know .. file another claim with the insurance. But I’m not like that. I should be, but I’m not. If I can fix it why bother someone else with it. Maybe it’s the way I was raised ….

We emptied the fridge and freezers yesterday. Cleaned them from top to bottom. Washed everything. I didn’t want to take any chances. Food poisoning is not fun. The nice thing is we now have space in the fridge. I like getting rid of things from there .. who really like “Great Value Sugar Free Strawberry Flavored Syrup” anyways? My guess is no one in this house because it’s been there for at least six months and not used up. How long had those pickles been in here? If I have to ask .. to long.

The yard is back in order (kinda .. in the cleanup I noticed I have bagworms on my arborvitaes), the fridge is clean, the roof is patched, the kids went back to school today .. things are getting back to normal. But for how long?



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2 responses to “Hurricane Ike Clean Up

  1. After seeing the pictures and the devestation normal seems a bit off in the future.

  2. You know .. I’m rather surprised how quickly we accepted this new “normal”. There is little talk of the damage in the news. And the streets are lined with piles of brush. With the bug problems and firewood no one is allowed to go clean up the wood that coould be used as firewood. There are piles of cut wood everywhere. There are still lines down here in town. Someone duct-taped a phone or cable line to one of the streets to prevent it from getting “snagged” by a car. There are utility poles propped up with make-shift 2×4 braces … and people are not complaining. They are “accepting” it as the new norm.

    I think we have normalized ………. and it’s a shame we are willing to accept it.

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