Ahhhh …

I got a massage yesterday. Back in November I bought my wife and mother-in-law gift certificates last year for massages as a Christmas gift. And since I bought two massages I got a third at 1/2 off … I was treating myself. I had to use the gift certificate before Sept. 30th.

Jo asked what was bothering me and with all the cleanup from the storms it was my back, shoulders and neck. She spent a full 40 minutes on my back and shoulders and moved on to my legs and feet then arms and hands and finished with my neck. I told her to go deep on the massage and did she! At one point I thought she’s going to tear the skin on my lower back to get to the muscles she was working. And then I felt the ‘pop’. She said “good! that side was tough … let’s check the other” and sure enough she did the same thing on the other side. And there was a ‘pop’ there as well. And once the other side released my hips felt great. The muscle tissue is a little tender but the range of motion is better and the stiffness is gone.

I should have asked for another 30 minutes and paid the difference. It would have been well worth the extra $30! But with all the extra expense in cleanup and replacing the food I had lost I just didn’t have it this week.

If you have never had a massage get one! Go to a licensed massage therapist. If you are in the Dayton area definitely check out Joga Somatic Arts and ask for Jo!


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