How much more?

I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been digesting the recent happenings on Wall Street, the $800 billion bailout and in politics. As well as trying to figure out what my company is planning to do. First and foremost is what my company is planning to do.

Here’s a quote from our CTO, “I want to acknowledge that these sourcing actions will result in job reductions in our [Company Name Here] data centers as a result of our outsourcing and off shoring initiatives.  We will communicate details and review transition plans with you as soon as they are complete.” That was on September 5th. The grumblings in the hallways say that this is the week for the layoffs. If I make it through this round there will be another round in April. Or at least that’s the pattern from the last 2 years. With smaller layoffs here and there.

We have had to fill out “skills surveys” for PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as detail every single tool, script, software package we use to do our jobs as well as detail all the applications our department supports. All this information was given to Infosys. They are bidding on doing our jobs. And if trends continue our department will be outsourced and we will have to go to India to train our replacements if we want our severance package. Infosys’ top management (with the exception of 2 members) are all Indian.

To complicate matters we are supposed to migrate server images to IBM’s datacenter in Rochester, NY. IBM will be managing those server for us. We will not have “root” access and we will not be responsible for admin tasks on them after they move.

My concerns were not that heavy until about 3 weeks ago. And I (along with all the other admins in my department) started mulling this over. We had pretty much thought we had things locked up and in our favor because of the sensitive nature of some of the data we gather for various governmental organizations and law enforcement. We have very strict guidelines and auditing procedures to make sure the data is secure. Now this data will be accessible to non-US citizens. We are talking very sensitive data. And I doubt the appropriate authorities have signed off on this. I’m fairly certain if law enforcement and various government agencies knew this was happening they’d be very uncomfortable.

But this morning I realized something … these assholes from New York that have taken over the CTO, CIO, and any other C BLAH O positions are sneak bastards. They were the IT gurus at AIG (and look where that company is now). And they left AIG 18 months ago and came here to rape and pillage our company. Since arriving in the midwest they have created I don’t know how many new VP positions and hired at least 6 former AIG employees to fill the all the VP slots available. And they’ll make new ones when they want to. They have moved all the tech jobs to a new “spin off” company that is to provide all IT services for the parent companies. In doing so our little American spin off company can hire and outsource anything they want … and provide services to the parent companies as an “American based company” … To complicate matters even more, from what I understand, Infosys (our new outsourcing partner of choice) has outsourced some of it’s development work to a Chinese firm! But it’s all OK because  my company is an American company … and it is using a loophole that is very dangerous for data security.

I have to sit back and wonder, when did we lose our country? It’s no longer ours .. The Federal Reserve (which is not a government agency) controls our monies. Our debts are owned by the Chinese. Our companies are employing more and more “off shore” employees. Our properties are being devalued an bought up by foreigners. Our government has an agreement with Canada and Mexico to use their troops on American soil to perform military action (martial law) if necessary.

How much more of our country are we going to give away? How much more of the fake government will we have to tolerate? This is not the America I grew up learning about in school. Maybe it’s time for a new revolution. Washington has not listened to it’s citizen’s for years. They make laws to save us from ourselves, they bailout companies that screwed up. If you or I screwed up will they bail us out? If you or I broke laws would they look the other way? If I took 1/2 of your savings and made it vanish into thin air would you forgive me and look the other way? If I loaned you money knowing full well you could not pay me back would I have a leg to stand on in court to reclaim my money?

America, I still love you. But we are reaching a point of no return. How much more are we going to take?



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6 responses to “How much more?

  1. sandysays1

    There isn’t going to be an end unless we say NO F___ing MORE. See

  2. Short of revolting … and that is my first instinct after the bailout and what my company is doing … what can we do about it? I have a few ideas …

  3. Well, I was steaming about my husband’s company sending out announcements with the new healthcare enrollment that everything is going up because their damn employees keep… you know… USING their health care, and how the deductible is going from $400 per family to $5400. (I’m not kidding) and the cost per month is going up more than twice as much.

    But you have me beat with the whole having to go to India to train your replacement. Wholly ****. And about the sensitive information? Uh, I think a good anon tip might be in order if they’re really doing that. I know how those regulations roll as my husband works with the government as well.

    The whole country imploding like it is, is giving me ulcers and a strong desire to live somewhere ELSE. I’m VERY disappointed in this country – but I’ve pretty much felt that way since Bush was in office. It’s not new.

  4. Would love to send the Anon email .. but to who? Our corrupt congressional leaders?

  5. Well, I think there are tip lines for that actually. Do you want me to find out? of course, with the sky falling – they might not care right now.

  6. send me an email with you find .. i’m gathering data now …

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