My turn to write

Hi! I’m Shadow! If you click my picture with your paw it gets bigger. I’m Lerxst’s GSD (German Shepherd Dog). He’s still sleeping. He decided to take the day off from work to take me and Sammie (Lerxst’s brother-in-law’s dog) to the dog park. I am sooooo excited! I’ve never been there. I’ve been to one other park but not this one! I get to run around off my leash and play with other dogs in a huge fenced in area!! I think he said we were going to take a few balls and maybe a Frisbee.

Sammie is staying with us for a few days because Wife couldn’t say no to BIL (Lerxst’s Brother-In-Law). Lerxst had some plans but had to cancel them. I’ve never had a house guest before. It’s taking some getting used to. Sammie has had a couple accidents on the carpet. Lerxst taught me to have accidents on the hard slippery floor. He said it’s easier to clean-up if I do it there.

Let’s see .. I’m 4 and 1/2. D1 and D2 say that adding the 1/2 is really important. I’m not so sure why. I’ve been told I have very beautiful markings. I am black, and white with a little bit of tan here and there. I love my coloring! Of course I have these huge brown eyes that Lerxst just can’t say “no” to .. especially when I make them look sad. And of course I have huge ears! I’m supposed to, I’m a working dog.

Lerxst thinks I don’t know how good I’ve got it. I understand how it works better than he does. He’s top dog. I let wife take second place while he’s here, but when he’s gone I’m in charge. That’s the way he’d want it I’m sure. Then there’s D1 and D2. I like them. D1 picks on me sometimes and I don’t like it. D2 lets me sleep in her bed with her. I let her use me as a pillow sometimes. She loves having me in her room. Especially when she has a nightmare. We snuggle up real close then. Sometimes Lerxst let’s me sleep in his room. I try to sneak up in the bed. Sometimes it works. If I get caught I make my eyes look sad and act like I am having trouble getting up in the bed. He usually lets me get up. I wait until he goes back to sleep and then I slowly creep up between him and Wife. I like to put my head on his pillow and one paw over his shoulder.

Lerxst worries about his job and about the way things are going in this country too much. I don’t get it. What’s a job and I’ve only been to 3 cities … how big is this country and why does he worry about it so much? I have food and water every day, I have a great yard to play in. And a warm bed to sleep in. I have a pack that loves me and I love them back. I know 16 people I really like and the rest I’m trying to get to know. But most people don’t like me. I’m not sure why. Lerxst says I’m great! He thinks I am just too big and people are not sure about big dogs. I am just all puppy inside and love to meet people. I love to just roll over and have people scratch my tummy. It feels soo good!

Well I need to go .. my nose is getting sore from typing so much. Have a great day everybody!


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