Sammie’s visit

Guten Tag meine freunde – It’s me Shadow again, Lerxst’s GSD. Lerxst is resting right now. He had a really ruff time with me and Sammie. Lerxst picked up Sammie 5 days ago .. I think you call it Wednesday. That day was really good. Sammie and I ran around the yard and had a pretty good time. Lerxst fed us dinner after he finished eating with Wife and D2. D1 was out practicing her driving. I tried some of Sammie’s food but went right back to mine. He really liked my food when he tried it. I had to push him out of the way to get back to my food. And if I didn’t eat all my food Sammie would clean my bowl. So I learned real quick to eat right away. Lerxst usually cleans my bowls in the morning and gives me fresh food every morning. Sometime I eat it other times It stays there until dinner time. But with Sammie there I didn’t get my food in the morning like I usually do. I had to wait until dinner time. I didn’t like that very much. But this morning things were back to normal. I even nibbled a little this morning.

I told you earlier Sammie had some accidents the day after he came to my house. But the day after that, I think Lerxst said it was Friday, Sammie didn’t have any accidents. We got to run and play in the yard instead of going to the dog park. Wife thought it might not be a good idea to go to the Dog Park so we didn’t go. We really had a great time. After running in the yard I get a big drink of water from my bowl outside and then I love to go to sleep in the sun. I try to find sunbeams in the house to sleep in. The sun makes me feel so good and warm. Especially on my back where I have black fur.

Lerxst’s dad stopped by. I like him. But he can be grouchy. He didn’t like Sammie bugging him for attention so I had to nip Sammie’s butt and got between Sammie and Lerxst’s dad. He likes me and petted me but not Sammie. Lerxst’s dad brought some computers for Lerxst to fix. Lerxst really didn’t want to work on them. They weren’t even his dad’s computers. They were his dad’s girlfriend’s. Lerxst spent Saturday and Sunday working on them. But he took many breaks to play with me and Sammie … and to clean up after Sammie. Sammie got sick again the last two days he was with us.

I’m glad Sammie is gone. We got along, but he’s not much for playing. He would play and then stop when I was just getting into it. He would want to go in and sleep on the slippery floor by the hole that blows cold air. Sammie was an attention hog too. It’s my house and I am the one who is supposed to greet guests. But he’d come running in and butt in front of me. He doesn’t know that you are supposed to sit before anyone pays you attention. I had to get after him and make him back away from people coming in the door. I found a well placed nip and a growl worked. By the time he went home he knew he was supposed to sit when people come in the door.

Lerxst says I shed two times a year, the first half and the second half. But Sammie sheds 365 times a year. I kinda think that’s the same thing. I don’t shed much because Lerxst takes care of my coat. He brushes me every other day and gives me vitamins and flax oil! I love the flax oil on my food! And I get a bath 6 times a year. He really keeps me clean! He said if I get to sleep on the couches and bed I have to be clean. And I’m OK with that. I really like getting cleaned up. I am so proud when I am clean! I prance around and show everyone my clean coat. And even though BIL had Sammie groomed before his visit he was still stinky (like the powder they put on you when you leave a kennel) and he left hair everywhere. Lerxst and Wife had to vacuum every day. When it’s just me, D1 and D2 vacuum every other day.

Sammie slept with D1 on the floor and I slept with D2 in her bed like I always do. D1 said Sammie has stinky breath. He would wake her up by breathing on her. Sammie didn’t sleep well. He’d get up a couple times in the night and walk around the house. And of course I had to get up and make sure he didn’t get into anything. Lerxst likes things calm and quiet at night. I would end up sleeping on the floor at the bottom of the steps to make sure Sammie wasn’t walking around at night. Last night I slept all night long with D2. D1 was all alone in her room and I think she liked it too. It was the first time I slept all night with no interruptions for 5 days. Lerxst got to sleep all night too. When Sammie was here he’d get up to make sure Sammie wasn’t getting sick when Sammie would walk around. I think Lerxst’s ears are as sensitive as mine.

It was nice to have a dog friend visit, but I’m glad to be an only dog. Everyone told me how good I was and they loved on me all evening and I even got a Frosty Paws treat last night!

I’m going to go find a sunbeam and take a nap …


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