Thanks Shadow!

I needed a break from all the crap going on. It was nice to have Shadow write a bit. I was so wrapped up in watching/reading/listening to everything I could about the bailout and current state of our economy. Then add to that the rumor mills at work are working overtime saying this Thursday is the day … we have confirmation that the Angel of Death and the Four Horsemen will be on site this week. The Angel of Death is our VP of Human Resources. The Four Horsemen are the NY assholes that are dismantling our company and doing all the off-shoring. I have solid confirmation that they will be on site from one of the executive administrative assistants (secretaries). Thursday is the day. Which is ironic really considering Friday is the deadline for selecting our benefits for 2009. The word in the hallways is 250 people (roughly 10%) of the work force left in Dayton’s offices. Yeah I’m a little worried. I doubt I’ll write much between now and Thursday. One way or another I’ll have plenty to write about afterwards.



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2 responses to “Thanks Shadow!

  1. I’m hoping for the best for you!!!

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