Round three

This was the third round of layoffs. This was purely designed to reduce headcount. They were not after the money saving reduction. This was “reduce the number of people on staff” cutting. My department lost 2. We lost 26 across the different departments here in Dayton. I am told there were cuts across the country … rumors say a total of 200. Rumors tend to be accurate.

So I made it through this round of cuts. I really was not sure where I would land on this one. My roll has been more of a technical team lead than a techie. I try to remain on top of things but it’s been a while since I’ve “owned” a server. I support them all when on-call, but I’ve not built one in 2 years. I’ve become a mini-manager. And for whatever reason I am still here. And for that I am thankful, but had I been let go, in a way it would bring a sense of peace. There would be no more wondering.

OK .. its bad enough to inject personal issues into my blog when there is so much political, economical and environmental crap going on and I feel the need to scream about all of it.

On the upcoming election – I cannot stand these smiley-faced, glad-hand, double-talking, corporate-serving, megalomaniac talking-heads with hidden agendas courting me through the TV. I’m sick of their oneupmanship. I’m tired of the rhetoric.

You know who has my vote this fall? Charles “Chuck” Baldwin from the Constitution Party. Here are some of Chuck’s belief’s and political views:

  1. Supports American sovereignty and opposes what he calls “the New World Order” He has stated that fighting against one-world government is his top priority.

  2. Baldwin supports home and private schooling and wants to disband the US Dept. of Education

  3. In addition, he has spoken positively of the Militia Movement

  4. Baldwin is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and he believes that the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed by the government. And will stand against all laws which would require the registration of guns or ammunition.

  5. Baldwin says that freedom of choice in health care is important. Stating that “I strongly support the freedom of choice of practitioner and treatment for all citizens for their health care.” As well as “The government should not have the power to force people to receive immunizations or vaccinations.

  6. He also said that he would “Eliminate the FDA” as it is unconstitutional.

  7. Baldwin opposes the USA Patriot Act, among others, saying that it infringes on personal freedom and privacy.

  8. He has attacked Islam, stating, “Only communism rivals Islam in sheer numbers of people persecuted and killed,” also claiming that Mohammed married a 7-year-old girl. (Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub’i, a Saudi Marriage Officiant, rebuts this, of course, when he says Mohammad “took ‘Aisha to be his wife when she was six, but he had sex with her only when she was nine.”

  9. Baldwin believes that “America was deliberately and distinctively founded as a haven for Christians” and he supports the public display of the Ten Commandments in government buildings.

WOW!! You ought to read up on the Constitution Party.


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  1. Never been on a blog site before. Found this interesting and somewhat confusing.
    You are a very handsome guy… I don’t get to say that often!…one of the things one can do on a blog. Enjoyed seeing all your pics, except the ones with snow…I live it in upstate NY.
    want to buy a Giggling (or jiggling) George, but hesitate since there’s no apparent trial period and the warranty, based on your comments, doesn’t seem very good…$50 charge to replace a switch.

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