Vacation day

I took today off from work to work here at home. How much I’ll actually get done remains to be seen.

The plan is to start organizing the garage and getting this separated into “keep”, “pitch”, “donate” and “sell” piles. I need to start by freeing up space to put the “keep” things. Wife is onboard to help. But at 6:30am she’s still sleeping. Speaking of sleeping I did sleep in today. I got up at 6am! Got an extra hour of shut-eye.

I need to be able to get one, if not both my cars in the garage … I hate scraping windows. I hate being a slave to my possessions even more. This stuff has been boxed up since January. We’ve not needed it. Why not just get rid of it!? Granted there are winter clothes stored out there. We need to bring them in first and go through later. That frees up space. Do we really need 2 boexes of picture frames? Seriously … I have to boxes full of new picture frames! We have 3 sets of dishes .. I didn’t know that. I only thought we had one. And then there’s the china from our wedding … never been used once. Can I sell a set? I have boxes of books I’ve bought. Do I really need to keep them? Nope! They are going to the used bookstore and I’ll get a credit toward books they have …

I know. Ambitious for today. But I’m not going to do it all in one day. I’m starting with freeing up space to put the “keep” stuff which will free up space to put the “sell” and “donate” stuff and the “pitch” stuff is going right to the curb. And if anyone stops asking if I’m having a sale I’ll say “look around, if there is anything you are interested in make an offer”.

And that’s how I’m spending my vacation day … cleaning the garage.


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  1. I had no help .. Wife got up and was surprised to see me home. She doesn’t remember me telling her that I was going to be off and working on the garage .. and she sure didn’t remember me asking for her help. As a matter of fact she had even made plans to go shopping with her mom and grandma.

    I didn’t mind really. It gave me “freedom” to work at my own pace and throw away as much as I wanted. 🙂

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