Soccer Tournaments

Last Sunday (10/19) was our last regular game of the season. Our record for the season was good enough to go to the tournaments. Our first tournament game was this past Saturday. It was unfortunate that only 9 girls could play. It sucked for the team because we were short 4 players and we got beat really bad. I stopped keeping score after the 3rd quarter.

I had to attend a meeting about the tournaments a week before they took place. The league said that we need to keep in mind that this tournament is for the kids and we need to focus on that. Yet when I asked them to change my time slot because I had girls that could not make it I was told “we are not making changes for anyone for any reason”. So much about making it good for all the kids. I have 4 girls on my team who play on a traveling team. Those girls did not show for our game because it conflicted with their last seasonal game. The thing with the traveling team (yeah I might be just a little bitter) is once their season ends that’s it. We had a chance to win a game or 3 in the tournament if we would have had all the girls show up. OK, I have to admit that I am, in a way, relieved that we are done for the season. Last thing I want to do is go to the state finals Thanksgiving weekend. I have a Christmas tree and holiday decorations to put up! Not to mention a ton of Thanksgivings leftovers to eat. 🙂 Geez …

The cool thing is we are done. Our awards banquet is next Monday. Everyone gets a trophy. We get cookies and punch. We get a chance to brag about the team. I also want to put together a pizza party for the team to relax and cut up and enjoy the lack of drama for a night (12/13 yr old girls can be such drama queens). We all get our weekends back until basketball is in full swing. I get my Tuesday and Thursday evenings back as well (no practice).


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