Tricked instead of Treated

Every year I am the one who “gets” to stay home and pass out candy to all the little (and big) tricksters and treaters. And for the first time I felt a bit annoyed ….

Trick or Treat (or Beggars Nite – what ever you call it) is about the kids getting to dress up in costume, run from house to house and gather up as much candy as they can. Next to Christmas it’s probably the only “Holiday” that is really for the kids. By “kids” I’m talking about kids who can walk and talk and don’t have to shave or are old enough to take birth control pills. I can see stretching it out to a sixteen year old but beyond that forget it. And what’s with this trend of infants .. kids with maybe one or two teeth .. being pushed in strollers or pulled in wagons and having their parents say “trick or treat”. What kind of crap is that. These people come in droves and carloads. This year I refused to give infants candy. I told the parents when their kid could say “trick or treat” I’ll give them candy.

Trick or Treat

Since I’ve already started on this rant I want to know this – if both mom and dad are walking around with the kids, who the heck is home passing out candy? Did they hire someone to do it? I doubt it. I know what some of them make. I doubt they filled up a bowl with a sign saying “Take one please!”  It really pisses me off when I see these “families” out. Personally I think it’s time to “redistribute” the wealth …. go ahead and click the picture. It’s good! Maybe I’m being selfish on my part. I want my kids to have the same chance that their kids have to get candy. Think about it, if EVERYONE went out with their kids to Trick-or-Treat that would leave no one home to pass out candy. Is that fair? Sure it’s fair! The NGM will step in and bail out Halloween! We can get our own NGM to hand out .. er redistribute the candy based on need and ability to “pay”.

The topper for the evening was when my brother-in-law showed up at my house with his wife and kids and they did the trick-or-treat thing. I know there was no one passing outt candy at his house. Well OK .. maybe their dog Sammie was.

Look, I spent $45 in candy. And gave it all away. I know there were several “families” out that spent nothing. And I know who they are. And it bothers me they do that. It’s just not fair gosh darn it. The other thing that ticked me off is the woman who lives across the street did not pass out candy. She was home. I saw her look out the window several time. I understand it’s optional to pass out candy. No one is making me do it. When her 13 year old son stopped by and said “Trick or Treat” I made to to tell him “Tell you mom I said hi!”.

So for whatever reason I’m a little miffed by this year’s Beggar’s Nite. Maybe next year I’ll feel differently.


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  1. Well, I think I’m in the middle on this… My whole family went out and trick-or-treated. But on the other hand, I live in the country without any neighbors. We have never gotten a single one (I know, because I was delusional the first year and hoped that we would.) But I volunteer to be the face painter at the town Halloween parties, so I try.

    We only took our kids around when they could walk on their own and say it too. And as for the older kids? I’m really thinking about 13 is the cutoff age. If you can drive, uh…..

    But if I lived in a neighborhood, I would totally stay behind and hand out treats.

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