Take pride in your choices America

And remember how you feel today. Because 4 years from now you will be just as unhappy as you were BEFORE the election. To be honest this is being written before the elections take place. I have it set to be published 8am eastern time.It does not matter who we put in the White House anymore. The President is a puppet who has to follow the agenda laid out before him. If he fails to do so it will be costly. For everyone involved, you, me, your neighbors, the nation our leaders and their families.

If you you really think your vote last night made a difference please raise your hand … ahh … I hope all of you really wanted change and voted for someone other than a democrap or rethuglican. Yeah I cannot stand either party. Not a single one from either party will get a vote from me this election. I will go out of my way to make sure I am not the reason things go to hell in a hand-basket. And if you think the maverick or changer will make a difference you are wrong. Things are controlled too closely for there to be REAL change. The people who could have made real change happen were discounted and out long before November 4th.

All I ask is that we, as a nation, hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire and ask, no demand, that they live up to their promises. But as I see it no matter who is in office,*they* will bow down to the powers that be and extend the eight years of the Bush administration’s malfeasance. Please do not think your job is done just because a democrap is in the White House or democraps control congress. If we elect a rethuglican we have to work even harder on making sure he makes the changes he’s promised. We need the shake up ….

Whoever my president is tomorrow will receive my prayers that he will act in accordence with God’s will and will seek Godly advice before making any decision. We are supposed to, as Christians, pray for our leaders. And that is what I will do … but I can help but to root for



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4 responses to “Take pride in your choices America

  1. Thank God it became Obama.

  2. I have to ask, what are you telling me to look for? Is Obama mentioned in the Bible? Throw me a bone here. If you have something to share point out your information and relate to us what it is you want us to infer from the books you me/us to read.

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